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Activity Check: Warned List

The following characters did not check in during the activity check and are in danger of removal if they do not reply to this post:

[AU1] Emmett Brown [personal profile] doc_brown
[OU] Rolo Lamperouge [personal profile] tempus_scorpius
[OU] Caster (Gilles de Rais) [personal profile] monstrueux
[OU] Kariya Matou [personal profile] vermicompost
[OU] Sir Lancelot (Berserker) [personal profile] chevalier_mal_fet
[OU] Cid Highwind [personal profile] goddamntea
[AU2] Sephiroth [personal profile] pinnaculum
[OU] Mia [personal profile] pureply
[OU] Gamzee Makara [personal profile] hystericull
[OU] Aqua [personal profile] humility
[OU] Ganondorf Dragmire [personal profile] great_king_of_evil
[AU1] Chidori Yoshino [personal profile] floreatnoctem
[OU] Lysandre [personal profile] flarefor_beauty
[OU] Zelos Wilder [personal profile] cursedchosen
[OU] Asagi [personal profile] irreverence

You have until 11:59PM January 5th to reply to this post with activity. If we have made a mistake/you know this person is on hiatus/has activity, please reply!

Because all that is required for this month's activity check is a check-in, we will not be granting second chances for this month. Please respond to this post with your check-in!

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