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Event: Recharge?; Part Two

As the week stretches on, it becomes apparent that the Tower doesn't seem to be repairing itself; the damage remains the same as before. If anything, the strange effects resulting from being near it are getting worse: those who draw near the staircase will experience moments of unconsciousness, spanning anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes. What might be more alarming, though, is that anyone who watches someone else lapse into one of these unconscious spells will see the person vanish from reality entirely. They always reappear, but it's probably quite alarming.

Riki's voice crackles over the intercoms during breakfast hours on Wednesday:

"You can all guess the explosions did something. What they actually did is damage the power core that runs through the Tower. We're gonna run out faster than expected unless that can be fixed and we get a bit of a recharge. I can repair it, but not without extra power--so I need your help. I need volunteers--willing volunteers, don't go shoving people you don't like down the elevator shaft to help out--to let me hook them up to a machine that can provide some extra power to the Tower. Won't kill you, won't suck you up and make you part of the Tower, nothing crazy like that. I can't tell you all the exact effects since I've never done it before, but I know anyone who agrees to help out will end up pretty exhausted for a while. If you don't help out here, there's two options: first option, everyone dies here. Second option, you all get sent back to your dead worlds, wandering around those alone for eternity, since you can't die there. Not good options.

You've helped me out in the past, so I'm trusting you guys to help out again. But here's some information for you, too: after the damage done to my Tower, I've managed to trace the explosions. They're Jason's fault--trying to create chaos and infighting, I'd guess. I'll let the boss know, too, so maybe something'll happen there. 'Course, wouldn't've been able to figure it out at all had you not drawn him out last month and given me a good look at his signatures, so thanks for that, too.

Anyone who wants to help out, come to the elevator on floor one at noon today. It'll take the rest of the week."

Anyone who does agree to come down will find themselves escorted to a large machine, one some may recognize from the 1369 event. They will be seated in the machine, strapped to chairs, and be hooked up with wires and electrodes. If at any point someone changes their mind before the machine starts, Riki will allow them down and send them back upstairs to the residential areas. Once it starts, every resident hooked up to the machine will feel a tingling sensation throughout their body and then fall asleep.

For now, they have nightmares, but only vague ones. Of course, this is only the start...
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Regarding the set up of the machine, are characters able to see/touch one another while hooked up?
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Is there any chance Enoch would be able to get in a brief discussion with Riki at this point, or ask for one later?
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And if he said it's about the world restoration efforts and he isn't so sure Ruana would agree with this line of research (and thus is wary of her watching them psionically)? He'll agree to do so in February if there's no other choice, however.
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Haha wow, he'd accept that. Of course he'll take Riki's word for it.

Lastly, while I have you here, after all this is over he'll be asking Aria how likely it is Ruana can see the secret floor. What would her response be?

Never mind, maybe I should wait to see what kind of state he's in when it's all over before asking this! Thank you very much, and I'll let you know if I have any questions about the event itself :3
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Will the characters who have Dream Eaters have less trouble with the nightmares, or will the Dream Eaters not have any effect?
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Okay, thank you!
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Just double checking, but I assume the nightmares will still happen to those who usually don't dream when they sleep? (In this case, Servants.)
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Since I just realized something and am maybe a little confused - are they experiencing these nightmares while they're hooked up to the machine? Or are they being released at some point and the nightmares will start after that?
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Now in the right place sorry phone tagging

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What's the status of the elevator going into Wednesday morning/up to noon considering the power issues?