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Event: Recharge?; End

It isn't until late on Friday evening when things seem to return, more or less, to normal. The power returns, things are fairly stable, and the Tower finally begins its repair work, covering up with mechanical efficiency the exposed wiring of the Tower's spine. Riki comes on over the intercoms as the repair work is being completed.

"Looks like things're getting back to normal, more or less. Thanks for the help. Everyone who went downstairs to help out will be back in the morning."

As for those Riki is speaking of, following the pull will lead them to a mirror, though the mirror won't be visible until they approach it. They will feel compelled to touch the mirror--when they do, they will, in an instant, see every possible good and bad outcome they may face in their original universe. They'll see themselves triumph and killed horribly in an instant, see their friends lauded and enslaved, see their worlds exactly as they wish them and in ruins. It's enough to drive someone insane--but the experience only lasts an instant, as they're pulled through the mirror. The light emanating from the one who passed through the mirror has nearly gone out entirely--but they'll be able to sense that with time the light will recover, and no permanent damage has been done (not counting any trauma from the explosion of possibilities, anyway). The memory of the various branches their worlds could take is dull and vague; the emotional strain remains, and there are snatches of clarity, but overall things are too vague to cause any sanity loss.

Once everyone passes through the mirror, they will all black out and awaken in the morning in their beds in the Tower.

Everyone who was hooked up into the machine will experience the following effects for all of February:

-All superhuman abilities are unreliable; they're often completely nullified, but sometimes they go off without warning.
-General exhaustion, worst during the beginning of the month and slowly improving as the month goes on.
-Characters will find themselves blinking in and out of reality at random; when they blink out of reality, they return to the void they slept in for as little as a few seconds and as long as several hours.
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What about Arturia who is basically from a bad end with no alternative left to her? Would she only see herself fighting endlessly again?
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Are these strictly visions from after their canon points, or would alternate timelines that they've already averted/not chosen be seen as well?
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SO. Second verse, same as the first, question-wise: how does the whole 'powers blinking in and out' thing apply when combined with the new collar fluid?
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Now that I read this again, question 2: when characters blink in and out, will they have to touch the mirror again to come back?
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Do powers still haywire when characters are sleeping/otherwise unconscious?
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Do possibilities created via Animus influence appear? (For instance, attempting to avert an event learned of via Raphael or Lucifel in the tower)
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On a related note

Would possibilities involving the Tower appear? Such as if Xion wanted to go with her friends/family to one of their worlds or stay in the Tower and make it safe instead of going back home (provided they find a way to do so), would something like that turn up?
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I had made a note in the sign-up post, but basically—I goofed, and was completely oblivious to the fact that the sign-up post existed until after the sign-up period was over, yet had been tagging around with the intent of having David volunteer.

Can David's participation be retroactively included, or should I retcon it out?
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Whew! Done and done. Thank you!
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Another question - when you say that the light of everyone that passed through the mirror will be almost gone - will this show up when the glamour glitches?
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What happens if someone else is sitting/standing/otherwise occupying the space a character was when they come back from the void? Do they just wind up shoving them out of the way or what?

EDIT: And now that I think of it, will characters who can sense souls sense that their lethargy is soul-deep?
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If two characters end up blinking out within the same time period (like character A blinks out for ten minutes, a few minutes after character B blinks out for ten minutes), would they end up seeing each other in the void?