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Event: Heel; Intermission - A Heart for a Heart

During the night, a few unfortunate residents may have a nightmare about having their hearts torn out by a teddy bear--a familiar bear to those who have been in the Tower long enough to remember it. In the morning, these characters will find that all their positive emotions toward their friends, family, and lovers has turned into dislike and hatred--the stronger the love previously, the stronger the hatred now. Even if you don't know the afflicted resident or only see them at a distance, there's an obvious mark somewhere on their skin that isn't covered up--a painted on Valentine's Day heart, in a unique shade of red or pink. There's also a note attached to their clothing that they don't seem to notice and therefore will not take off:

"A bear stole my heart. Will you find it for me?"

Those who go searching will find the teddy bears scattered around the Tower, wearing a heart in the same color as the one of the resident they stole the heart from. In the event of the character whose heart was stolen having participated in the Hitori Kakurenbo event, their own bear is in possession of their heart. If their close CR participated in the Hitori Kakurenbo event, their heart may have been stolen by the bear belonging to their CR. It may be a completely new bear, also. In any event, in order to bring the afflicted character back to normal, someone must cut open the bear's stomach and remove a heart--appearing in the shape of a Valentine's Day heart that is nonetheless made of flesh and beating--and give it to the character. It will disappear upon being handed to its owner and they will return to normal.

This mini event will last until 11:59PM EST February 15th. After that point, all bears will disappear and any remaining afflicted characters will return to normal.

There's really only one bear you have to find...
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I assume characters will retain full memory of what it felt like to hate the people closest to them?

Also, can a character see their own heart mark, or, like the note, will they never notice it? Can they accidentally find their own bear? If someone brings their bear to them, can they cut the heart out themselves? (Can the bears be moved around at all, come to think of it?)

Sorry for the stupid questions, the thoughts just kind of came to mind.
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