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Ex Machina; Part One

Beginning at midnight on the 15th, the Tower's population of ever-prowling monsters gradually begins to thin. The monsters never disappear in front of anyone's eyes, but throughout the week it will become clear that they are lessening in number. By the end of the week, the Tower is completely devoid of the monsters that have roamed it for so long, almost as eerily devoid of life as it was at the beginning of the rescue mission.

The disappearing process seems to ignite a kind of tension in the air, or perhaps it's the other way around. It feels heavy, as if a great thunderstorm is bearing down on the entire Tower, and it will only worsen as the monsters clear out over the week.

On the 16th, Aria approaches Waver Velvet ([personal profile] fionnuisce) with the report requested in March. The report contains information on how to infiltrate the administrative levels of the Tower. A basic hand-drawn map that will lead the residents to their destination--but only their destination, nowhere else in the administrative levels--is provided with the report. Additionally, it will include what Aria has discovered of the situation with Riki and Zo; namely, that after bringing in the residents for April, Zo was hurried out of the machine and Riki has been occupying the machine room ever since. It is unclear as to what exactly he plans to do with the machine, but whatever it is, it seems as if his progress has been going slowly.

After providing Waver with her report, Aria will utilize the chipped-collar units to recruit people to come to the hidden floor throughout the week about a mission into the administrative levels. The chipped units will not divulge any of the specific information in the report while recruiting, but Aria will gladly offer it to characters who visit the hidden floor.

When informing people of the infiltration, Aria will stress that Riki will have a considerable amount of Tower technology at his disposal and that facing him head-on for this mission is not advisable. She instead recommends a stealth operation to sabotage the equipment he's working with. She will leave the details of the planning besides this to the player characters, but she is available to ask for advice if necessary.

The month is quickly passing. Ruana will only be asleep for so much longer...

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