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Ex Machina; End

The results are chaotic but an overall success: the chips are disabled and the machine room is secured by Aria's group. The characters can access it at any time by talking to Aria or another retrieval unit in the hidden floor, but there isn't much to see there at the moment, and the retrieval units will prevent anyone from altering the machine for now--it may be possible to convince Aria otherwise, but for now they'd rather nothing be broken.

There are a few days of eerie silence within the Tower: while Zo was scheduled to take control for May, it doesn't seem like he's been around, so it's dubious as to if he really is in charge at the moment. Further, Aria eventually vanishes as well. The other retrieval units, if asked, will say that they're certain she's still alive and uncompromised, but they're not sure exactly where she is.

It will be a few days before that comes to light...
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1: Still nutrition bars and water in the cafeteria?

2: If Enoch asked Dax's AI (in the silent days) if it was possible to combine similar worlds so that all people belonging to a world that experienced the tower were together, what would he say?

3: Also it's stupid but he's also finally going to ask about that sapling and if the AI knows how Dax got a real plant (and if he doesn't, who would).
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Sorry, one more, but Enoch will ask how a seed could have survived the world's destruction, since it always seems to kill every living thing.
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Sorry, I forgot something!

Enoch will ask the retrieval units in the machine room if they were able to tell what it was Riki was working on. He'd prioritize asking the retrieval unit that was in there with them, obviously, if he's available.
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They would say that Riki was trying to modify the machine and also to use a few of its currently shut down capabilities, but nothing more specific than that.
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And if Enoch asks if they know anything more specific about it, what would they tell him?

(probably that they don't know but he's going to try anyway so might as well)
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Just because of what Riki pulled on everyone, twice, David's gonna want to flag down Aria or a retrieval unit and ask them about the machine room, if Riki had been telling the truth about what he'd been saying to the Infiltration Team before the boss battle.

He'll also want to know if they have any clue why Riki would try and kill them after the group attempted to reason with the guy. Was it just protecting what's his, not wanting Residents touching his stuff?
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Just for fun, if Aria or the retrieval units holding the machine are asked to explain its purpose/what it's capable of, will they get a response that's more than just something along the lines of "Zo uses it to bring your souls here"/etc?
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1. Xion's probably going to ask early- to mid-May-ish if there's anything they can do, at all to help, since their worlds are still unrestored and there's so little time left. Would the chipped units have any suggestions, and overall what kind of response would she get?

2. Are the monsters back?
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Would they have any suggestions on what should be researched?
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Reno will want to ask the AI if it has any proposals or theories on how to restore the worlds, following up on Xion's conversation with the retrieval units. If it doesn't, could it possibly try to formulate some or would it need more information?
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The AI would need more information to provide anything beyond what the characters already know.
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Sheena will want to know if the strange ability that Ruana has of making illusions become real on the administration levels would have some significance in restoring the worlds. And if anyone can utilize that ability there.
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They're not sure about any potentials for use, though they are sure Ruana wouldn't be willing to cooperate.