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Ex Machina; End

The results are chaotic but an overall success: the chips are disabled and the machine room is secured by Aria's group. The characters can access it at any time by talking to Aria or another retrieval unit in the hidden floor, but there isn't much to see there at the moment, and the retrieval units will prevent anyone from altering the machine for now--it may be possible to convince Aria otherwise, but for now they'd rather nothing be broken.

There are a few days of eerie silence within the Tower: while Zo was scheduled to take control for May, it doesn't seem like he's been around, so it's dubious as to if he really is in charge at the moment. Further, Aria eventually vanishes as well. The other retrieval units, if asked, will say that they're certain she's still alive and uncompromised, but they're not sure exactly where she is.

It will be a few days before that comes to light...

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