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[admin post] Admin Post: Final Activity Check

This is it, the final countdown! Time for activity check! Here's how it works.

To pass activity check, you must have ten comments within the past TWO MONTHS. These comments do not all have to take place within the same thread or post (though it'd be more convenient for us to check, hint hint).

You have until 11:59PM May 31st to reply to this post with links to your activity! If you don't have enough activity yet, please try to get some together by then. You will need to check in each character individually, but please post them all in one comment if possible.

If you do not reply to the Activity Check, you will have until 11:59 PM June 2nd to reply to the list of those who missed AC with your explanation/activity; with a good reason, you will pass the AC. If you cannot pass AC or fail to provide an explanation, you will be dropped.

Because this is the final activity check, there will be no exemptions or second chances.

Please reply using this form!

megazero_to_superhero: Beware of low-flyin' heroes! (✪ Action ★ Flying)

David "The Daring Little David" Puskás || City of Heroes (OC)

[personal profile] megazero_to_superhero 2014-05-26 04:54 am (UTC)(link)
Character: [OU] David "The Daring Little David" Puskás [personal profile] megazero_to_superhero
Canon: City of Heroes
Activity link(s): Here

Let the next verse begin!
sageprincess: (Bittersweet farewells)

[personal profile] sageprincess 2014-05-26 04:54 am (UTC)(link)
Character: [OU] Zelda [personal profile] sageprincess
Canon: Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Activity link(s): Here
colorfulbrilliance: (Sad)

[personal profile] colorfulbrilliance 2014-05-26 04:54 am (UTC)(link)
Character: [OU] Meiling Hong [personal profile] colorfulbrilliance
Canon: Touhou Project
Activity link(s): Here
ambassadorasshat: (buh-wha?)

[personal profile] ambassadorasshat 2014-05-26 04:55 am (UTC)(link)
I need to take a second chance, I'm sorry '^'

Naah, here ya go!

Character: [AU1] Luke fon Fabre [personal profile] ambassadorasshat
Canon: Tales of the Abyss
Activity link(s): Here!
fionnuisce: (phantom faces at the window)

[personal profile] fionnuisce 2014-05-26 04:57 am (UTC)(link)
Character: [AU6] Lord El-Melloi II [personal profile] fionnuisce
Canon: Fate/
Activity link(s): Here
indevilsclaws: (❧ now she's having just one piece of)

[personal profile] indevilsclaws 2014-05-26 05:00 am (UTC)(link)
Character: [AU1] Remilia Scarlet [personal profile] indevilsclaws
Canon: Touhou Project
Activity link(s): Here
warriorscribe: (Righteous fury)

[personal profile] warriorscribe 2014-05-26 05:00 am (UTC)(link)
Character: [AU1] Enoch [personal profile] warriorscribe
Canon: El Shaddai
Activity link(s): Here

Ruana already knows Enoch can look plenty scary when he's angry...
colonial: (57)

so long farewell to you my friends

[personal profile] colonial 2014-05-26 05:00 am (UTC)(link)
Character: [OU] America [personal profile] colonial
Canon: Axis Powers Hetalia
Activity link(s): Here (15), Here (5+)
zelfies: (come on Tetra I totally got that)

[personal profile] zelfies 2014-05-26 05:02 am (UTC)(link)
Character: [OU] Link [personal profile] zelfies
Canon: Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker
Activity link(s): Here and here
oathshackledbird: Face (Face)

[personal profile] oathshackledbird 2014-05-26 05:02 am (UTC)(link)
Character: [OU] Diarmuid Ua Duibhne (Lancer) [personal profile] oathshackledbird
Canon: Fate/
Activity link(s): Here
puppy_lancer: (Default)

[personal profile] puppy_lancer 2014-05-26 05:03 am (UTC)(link)
Character: [AU3] Lancer [personal profile] puppy_lancer
Canon: Fate/
Activity link(s): Here
childhero: (epona ∆ home)

[personal profile] childhero 2014-05-26 05:04 am (UTC)(link)
Character: [OU] Link [personal profile] childhero
Canon: Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
Activity link(s): Here
wegotlucky: (♈ and we praise)

[personal profile] wegotlucky 2014-05-26 05:04 am (UTC)(link)
Character: [OU] Neal Cassidy [personal profile] wegotlucky
Canon: One Upon a Time
Activity link(s): Here, Here

Character: [AU3] Revolver Ocelot [personal profile] notayoungkitten
Canon: Metal Gear Solid
Activity link(s): Here, Here
Edited 2014-05-26 05:06 (UTC)
attheclocktower: (masks ♡ I will not drink until I'm dead)

[personal profile] attheclocktower 2014-05-26 05:04 am (UTC)(link)
Character: [OU] Xion [personal profile] attheclocktower
Canon: Kingdom Hearts
Activity link(s): God is this really it
witchoftheweek: (Default)

[personal profile] witchoftheweek 2014-05-26 05:06 am (UTC)(link)
Character: [OU] Yukiko Amagi [personal profile] slightlyoblivious
Canon: Persona 4 (Arena)
Activity link(s): Here

Character: [OU] Feferi Peixes [personal profile] cullscuttlefish
Canon: Homestuck
Activity link(s): Here

Character: [OU] Patchouli Knowledge [personal profile] witchoftheweek
Canon: Touhou Project
Activity link(s): Here
miseris_socios: (Default)

[personal profile] miseris_socios 2014-05-26 05:11 am (UTC)(link)
Character: [AU1] Ken Amada [personal profile] miseris_socios
Canon: Persona 3
Activity link(s): Here

Character: [OU] Naoya [personal profile] crouching_sin
Canon: Devil Survivor
Activity link(s): Here

Character: [OU] Tobias [personal profile] notachickenhawk
Canon: Animorphs
Activity link(s): There's 10+ comments here I swear
keepscalm: (040❦love knows it is a greater grief)

[personal profile] keepscalm 2014-05-26 05:11 am (UTC)(link)
Character: [OU] England [personal profile] keepscalm
Canon: Axis Powers Hetalia
Activity link(s): Here

Character: [OU] Aqua [personal profile] prayerless
Canon: Kingdom Hearts
Activity link(s): Here

Character: [AU1] Kanaya Maryam [personal profile] gloomyapoplectic
Canon: Homestuck
Activity link(s): Here
athousandcurses: (You will read my thoughts...)

[personal profile] athousandcurses 2014-05-26 05:13 am (UTC)(link)
Character: [OU] Reno [personal profile] midgarhorizon
Activity link(s): Here

Character: [OU] Marty [personal profile] deloreandriver
Activity link(s): Here

Character: [AU3] Grainne [personal profile] athousandcurses
Activity link(s): Here
stitchedupbodyguard: (Default)

[personal profile] stitchedupbodyguard 2014-05-26 05:14 am (UTC)(link)
Character: [OU] Veronica Madaraki [personal profile] stitchedupbodyguard
Canon: Franken Fran
Activity link(s): Here
morphballin: (Thumbs-up!)


[personal profile] morphballin 2014-05-26 05:21 am (UTC)(link)
Character: [AU1] Samus Aran [personal profile] morphballin
Canon: Metroid
Activity link(s): Here
swordofzero: (Default)

[personal profile] swordofzero 2014-05-26 05:25 am (UTC)(link)
Character: [OU] Romeo [personal profile] myblueskies
Canon: Romeo's Blue Skies
Activity link(s): 5 Here, 4 here and more here

Character: [OU] Taiki [personal profile] notagiraffe
Canon: 12 Kingdoms
Activity link(s): 8 Here and More here

Character: [OU] Suzaku Kururugi [personal profile] swordofzero
Canon: Code Geass
Activity link(s): Here

Character: [OU] Nesir Aeser [personal profile] culbutiri
Canon: OC
Activity link(s): 7 Here and 3 Here

Character: [OU] Shion [personal profile] savedbyasong
Canon: No. 6
Activity link(s): One here, Four here, Four here and One here
Edited 2014-05-29 06:41 (UTC)
falseidentity: (♘ I can almost feel your infatuation)

[personal profile] falseidentity 2014-05-26 05:56 am (UTC)(link)
Character: [AU1] Kachessa Crim [personal profile] falseidentity
Canon: Evillious Chronicles
Activity link(s): Here, here and here
hoasen: (Default)

[personal profile] hoasen 2014-05-26 06:54 am (UTC)(link)
Character: [OU] Vietnam [personal profile] hoasen
Canon: Axis Powers Hetalia
Activity link(s): Here (Everywhere in that beast counts to 10+ LKAJS)
ninjainviolet: (Default)

[personal profile] ninjainviolet 2014-05-26 08:06 am (UTC)(link)
Character: [OU] Sheena Fujibayashi [personal profile] ninjainviolet
Canon: Tales of Symphonia
Activity link(s): There's 10 here. In one thread. Promise.
the_white_rider: screenshot @ lotr: return of the king (Default)

[personal profile] the_white_rider 2014-05-26 09:53 am (UTC)(link)
Character: [OU] Gandalf [personal profile] the_white_rider
Canon: Lord of the Rings
Activity link(s): Here

Character: [OU] Hilda [personal profile] lorule
Canon: The Legend of Zelda
Activity link(s): Here

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