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Endgame: Eyes I Dare Not Meet in Dreams

On the second of June, several characters sent replies to mysterious little poems left in their mailboxes. Enough, apparently, that the hidden floor was tracked down. Not long after that ominous message carves itself into the wall, all lights and glamour on floor 101 and the hidden floor go off.

Something is coming.
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How long is "not long"?

Addendum to the above, would there be enough time to transfer Dax's AI onto a zip drive again?

Also is death permanent at this point?
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1. About five minutes.

2. Yes.

3. Not yet.
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Just checking since death is not permanent do characters who die wake up on the morning of the 3rd? And is it normal revival (with the added injuries thing coming from non Jason revivals)?
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They will wake up as usual on the third, yes.
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I saw in the fight with Riki that people are using powers on Floor 101.

So powers are working on that floor now? Does this also apply to glamoured powers, and flying powers (either glamoured or real)?
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How obvious is the ripple of the Tower in general? Given Sephiroth's usual extended perceptions it would be enough to tell that 'something' is happening even though he'd be no where near the concerned floors?
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Thanks, phone question as I can't really ping on Plurk mobile very well!!

While Riki fight is going on, is there any fluctuation in the hold of the other units around Floor 23? Someone is interested in trying to get down that way again.
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This might be kind of way out in left field, but the EMP gun that Marty built to help with the chips in the last event was made from things on the hidden floor. Is that stuff real making the gun and the EMP real? We're debating trying it out on Riki, but we can't do that until we know if it would actually be working at this point in time.