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Activity Check: Results

The following characters have been removed for not meeting activity requirements:

[OU] Hagire Rinichiro/Mockingbird [personal profile] hemoeroticism
[OU] Shiro/Wretched Egg [personal profile] taintedwhite
[OU] Ira [personal profile] wrathishness
[OU] Caster (Gilles de Rais) [personal profile] monstrueux
[OU] Kariya Matou [personal profile] vermicompost
[AU1] Ruler/Jeanne d'Arc [personal profile] faithstaynight
[AU1] Karkat Vantas [personal profile] caliginous
[OU] Kidou Yuuto [personal profile] pengeen
[OU] Jade Curtiss [personal profile] sarcasmancer
[OU] Rapunzel [personal profile] gleamingly
[OU] Jounouchi Katsuya [personal profile] invisible_friendship