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Endgame: This is the Way the World Ends

Once everyone who can be found has been collected from their worlds, a new portal opens up--it leads to the silent machine room, glowing with nothing more than the light the various chipped retrieval units' souls give off and Zo's bright glowing eyes. As soon as the group steps through this portal, they will find that all abilities they have, barring those that were never returned to them in the Tower, have been returned to them as real abilities. The second thing they'll notice is the enormous pressure in the room, like something was trying to crush it. Aria is there, and she speaks quickly.

"The power's out--obviously. There's only enough life support left for some of the levels of the Tower, so you can't go upstairs. The elevators aren't working anyway. But listen, it's time. Those of you who can fight, you have to go with Zo and do something about Ruana. Those of you who can't or don't feel like you'll survive, we need to figure out what we're going to do. It's now or never--we have to take control of the Tower and you need to figure out what you're going to do to try and save your worlds. Really, it's okay if you don't want to fight. At this point, there's no way she'd restore any of your bodies even if there was any power that would let her do it. Remember, people who are willing to fight Ruana with Zo, and people who will brainstorm a way to end all of this, stay here with us."

Zo is waiting quietly in a far corner of the room. He looks unhappy and nervous, but he seems determined to at least try to help out. When approached by the group that's going to fight Ruana, he'll explain the plan.

"She's absorbed Jason's and--and Riki's and... Dax's powers. She has her own, too. I can shut down the powers, but you guys need to give me time and I can only do it one power set at a time. You just need to keep her busy. I don't think she's going to use Dax's ability until she doesn't have any other option, so I think that's what we're gonna do. Does that make sense? If I messed something up, tell me, but right now that's the plan, okay? And, um, while I'm doing this I won't be able to help you guys if you get hurt, so please don't get hurt. You'll really die if you do!"

Those remaining will have time to speak among themselves about what they want to do--for now, anyway. There's no telling what might happen later...

From now on all death is permanent. The log for fighting Ruana is here. The log for remaining in the machine room is here.
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When Zo says "I can only do it one power set at a time" does he mean he can only disable Jason's powers OR Riki's powers OR Ruana's powers etc at a time, or sequentially disabling Jason's then Riki's then Ruana's one after the other?
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Enoch's abilities that require the presence of another person, Overboost and Ceta - how do they function now, if at all? Thought I'd ask given the whole you-took-everyone-with-you thing.
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Would they be altered in appearance any? For example would Uriel be injured or deformed or just unable to manifest at all during Overboost? And would Ceta be all crumbling and dead because aside from the actual weapon part of it it's a chunk of Heaven?

EDIT: Oh wait nevermind I misread the info post. D'oh, sorry.
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Those coming back from Midgar with Reno were going to try and bring some weapons from a storehouse Reno knew off--swords, guns, explosives, stuff like that--and some healing aids--potions, elixirs etc--for fighters to use. (Obviously only as much as they could carry so the stock is limited.)

Will these things be considered real for the fight against Ruana? I am assuming so, but I wanted to check and make sure.
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Yep! That was the plan. Nothing too big, no bags etc! Thanks!
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Actually, I had planned on backpacks or something they could carry like that, is that acceptable?
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Yeah, I was thinking along those lines. Thanks!
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I'm just imagining someone trying to drive a truck through one of the portals.
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If he thought it'd fit Reno would be trying to fly his damn helicopter through it. XD

I'd like to see what happens if someone did...
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Just confirming -- Gilgamesh's powers are still restricted, right? He can't withdraw anything from his gates that isn't a weapon, and it won't retain form for longer than the duration of an attack?

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I'm a little lost with the state of being of those returning with the characters they found- assuming they keep whatever solidarity they managed to regain within their wireframes? It's not glamour but it's somewhat maintained by the CR they managed to save?

So going into the fight they wouldn't have anything resembling real bodies, only the impression of themselves they've managed to recover?

Sorry if I've got the wrong end of the stick here....
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Everyone returning is in the same state--it's not based on just one character's CR but all of the rescues. They'll all have their real powers as if they'd all had the changed collar fluid for a month.
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How would Tobias' morphing ability work here? Still film built up around a bird shape, or... ?

Help I am confused it is 6 AM.
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Film built up around a bird shape, yes.