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Mod Announcement: An Important Date

Hello, Animus! We hope you've been interested in endgame so far. We're coming up on the end soon. However, as we're sure you all are aware, it has now taken us over two months to get to this point. We failed to plan for such a pace and we are aware that it has caused some conflict and loss of interest in the playerbase. This is absolutely not the kind of endgame we want for this wonderful playerbase.

Therefore, we are going to be projecting an endgame date of September 1st. If at all possible, we would like to have the game almost or completely wrapped up by that date. We are not going to immediately shut it down if it isn't, but we will look into expediting the process if a conclusion has not been reached by then. Please keep this in mind as you plan your further involvement! The mod team will be diligent in moving the game towards its end, and we hope to have your support in this endeavor.

Thank you!
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For the sake of expediency, I was wondering if we could handwave Marty checking out the machine's features? It seems like it might take a bit to do a thread and with part three going up on the Ruana fight I don't want to bog down the mods, if that's all right.