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Event: Malfunction; Stage One

As it's plain to see in this post, something's gone wrong. Whatever that machine did, it's definitely not doing it now. While the power, the network, the food is all still there, something important isn't: Tower defenses.

Creatures begin pouring in--at first, they might seem familiar. Creatures from the worlds characters are from show up, or appear to. But something's wrong; they're twisted into something horrifying (or maybe something even more horrifying). Something shifts and twitches under their skins, bones are bent and warped at impossible angles, skin is stripped away and eyes are gouged out. Drawing too close to one reduces any special abilities to near-uselessness, although weapons and ranged attacks are still possible.

And without a single exception, all are trying their hardest to kill you.
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How close would you consider too close?
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Within five-six feet.
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Okie dokie~


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I have a question! If you're familiar with Kingdom Hearts, and Sora's AU is him being raised by the King of Heartless, then he's well-acquainted with certain kinds of his universe's monsters. Such as this. ( However, it canonly has a more frightening form: Neoshadows ( Would it be all right for just Neoshadows to pop up?
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You can have the Neoshadows appear or you can try to come up with a way to make them even creepier if you want.


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Thank you! 83

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Okay so... the Summoner has the ability to control... basically anything that isn't a troll or I guess... sentient? If he stays outside the five-six feet range would he be able to control these creatures too, or will tower shenanigans just block that ability entirely?

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Awesome! Thanks 8>