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Event: Expansion

A few hours after midnight, there is a curt announcement over what must be some sort of PA system, although there is no visible source:

The tower has been expanded. Be alert for unintended inclusions.

Indeed, as well as a second domitory level for an increased number of tower residents, there are the following new rooms:

Floor Eight: This room is a maze--it seems the request for "something to do" was taken in an odd direction. The maze is easily enough solved if you keep one hand on the wall and follow it through. It does change every day, however.

Floor Seven: A swimming pool takes up most of this room, although there are also two locker rooms which contain swimsuits. The pool itself is amazing, and seems like it could be used to train divers--it's easily a hundred feet deep, with many winding tunnels to explore. As long as you don't get lost and drown, anyway.

Floor Six: This room, ridiculously, contains a forest. There's no way this floor's dimensions fit the rest of the tower, it all stretches on too far. And yet, there's no sign, if you look at it from above or below this floor, that this floor juts out of the overall structure. The forest is thick, and it's very easy to get lost--the only way out is through the central staircase. Of course, there are animals in the forest. Deer, rabbits, and birds. The only problem, of course, is how mutated they are--they seem to slip out of their own bodies if you watch them for long, and their teeth are all far too sharp (should birds even have teeth?). They won't hesitate to attack if you stray too far from the staircase, and being near them seems to disable any special abilities you have.

Floor Five: This floor is very high-tech, and is split into two general areas. The central area is composed of a security station. There are NPCs in this area, but you may find yourself with a job here as well. The outer ring, however, is the more interesting area: in this area you will find viewing stations. Peer into them, and see the worlds you left.

The ruined wasteland of the world you left. Everything is dead, from the smallest leaf to the planets and stars themselves--it is unclear where the light providing you the ability to see is coming from. Furthermore, characters with innate connections to their worlds (for example, an innate connection to a large group of people) will feel the pain of all those people being, for certain, dead. They will only feel this connection when they are looking through the viewfinder.

Unfortunately, the "unintended inclusions" will make themselves rapidly apparent. For the next seven days, characters who spend time in the new rooms may be subject to the following effects:

Floor Eight: Characters who step off of the staircase on this level may find the stairs blocked off to them until they go through the maze. It is longer than it should be, easily taking a half hour to complete if you follow a wall, and while you walk through it, various senses will be taken from you and given back at random. You'll never lose your sense of touch, but who knows what you might hear while you're blind, or see while you're deaf?

Characters will be subjected to hallucinations of things touching them, screaming at them, and appearing out of the corners of their vision. Don't let go of the wall. You might never get out.

Floor Seven: The pool can't seem to quite decide on where its caves should be--occasionally, there will be a loud buzz, and they will all change dimensions and location. Hopefully you're not in one while it's happening--if you're not instantly crushed, you might find yourself suddenly fifty feet down.

Floor Six: Characters who spend time in the forest will hear the voices of those they miss from their old world deep within, tempting them to stray deeper into the forest where the dangerous animals dwell. The voice always sounds just a few more steps away.

Floor Five: Occasionally, the viewfinder will flash to the various corpses of people the characters know. They look as if something has reached in and pulled all of their organs out.

There will be no official thread made for this event; you are free to start making posts in the new rooms! You may use this thread for plotting if you wish.