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Mod Announcement: Bestiary

As you may have noticed, the bestiary has been updated! Most of the submitted monsters were added; please check to see what changes were made to the creatures before you use them. Bestiary pages are now alphabetical by monster.

We have also made a change in the way monster creation works. Monster creation will be closed until March, when it will work on a monthly schedule: monster creation will be open alongside applications. Therefore, monster creation will be open from the 1st to the 8th of each month. During this time you may post any monsters you wish to see in the Tower! Be aware, though, that the bestiary is lower priority than applications, and so they may take a little longer to get added than the applications take to get processed.

Additionally, starting in March you will be able to submit non-canon monsters. This means you can offer up monsters of your own creation that will have their world listed as "Tower". We will scrutinize these monsters more carefully, though--and we don't want too many of these--so not all of them will get in.

Have fun thinking up monsters!

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