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Mod Announcement: New Floors, Mailroom, Jobs

On the evening of Riki's final day in charge the sounds of construction grind to a halt. Everyone in the Tower then blacks out and wakes up missing one hour. When they do, they will have found the Tower has expanded just a little bit:

New Floors:
Fifth Block

Floor One Hundred: From the staircase this floor appears empty. Anyone stepping onto the floor will see the place from their home that they missed most. No one will be there, but they can at least see it. They can't touch anything, though; their hands will go through the holograms if they try.

Maybe that makes the recreation a bit hollow.

Floor Ninety-Nine: Intricate crystals make up the walls, floor, and ceiling here. There are pools of water trapped inside these crystal caves, but other spots are mostly dry (though the whole area is a little damp). The crystals are a little dazzling close-up, prone to hurt the eyes to try and look at how detailed they are. They're infinitely large and small fractals even though they appear to have an end, which explains why they cause headaches, but as long as you don't examine them in detail this place is actually rather soothing. There are enough caverns to explore but the place is not so intricate as to allow someone to easily get lost within them. It's a bit of an oasis, really.

Floor Ninety-Eight: Supernatural powers do not work on this floor. Why are there so many pipes? Who knows. But this is a true plumber's nightmare; giant green pipes that seem to serve no purpose, portals leading from one to the other...If you're lucky enough, you might be able to get to the end of the maze and find a very small cache of gold coins (which could be melted down), but are the risks of spikes, the large holes leading to your death and razor-sharp poles truly worth it?

Floor Ninety-Seven: Supernatural powers do not work on this floor. This floor has monsters from all the other levels... But they are now suddenly ten times their size. You are forced to move around like a small gnat that you now are, looking up at giant, empty skyscrapers that never end.

On the other hand, one could suppose that with the right party, taking down something this big could potentially bring in a good amount of food. It's just too bad you can't do it with your powers!

Floor Ninety-Six: This room is pure white. Everything in it is, though there isn't much: a table, a chair, a window that doesn't look out anywhere at all. Monsters do not enter this floor, but if you stay here you'll start to forget things. At first it's nothing important, but as it goes on you'll forget more and more until you remember nothing at all. The longer you stay on this floor the longer your memories will take to come back: stay for a short period of time and maybe you'll remember in an hour, but it could take up to two weeks for someone who was entirely mind wiped to remember everything unassisted.

Floor Ninety-Five: This floor is filled with multicolored balls, making it look like an intricate ball bit. Intricate as it doesn't just have one level--there are mesh nets connecting various levels, balls that flow like a waterfall from various places, and trampolines for better dramatic leaps into ball pits. Don't dive too deep, though, or you'll be swallowed up and die at the bottom.

Floor Ninety-Four: A photography dark room fills this floor. There are even a few old-fashioned cameras to take and use in the Tower if you wish. You'll have to develop the photos here yourself but there's everything you need to do it here.

Be careful when you turn the lights out, though; the shadows have a tendency to form into humanoid beings and follow you around. Looking directly at one will cause them to crawl down your throats and possess you--a possessed character cannot leave the floor and will attempt to strangle anyone else who enters it. Possession ends when the lights are turned on or the possessed character is killed.

If you photograph a supernatural creature without a body, make sure you never develop the photo. It will appear in the room.

Floor Ninety-Three: This floor is structured more like a hallway than anything--you have to step off the staircase and walk across it to reach the rest of the staircase and continue going upward. A bit of examination will reveal building materials here. There's nothing especially fancy, but it would be enough to build a few stands along the side of the hall. The materials cannot be taken off of this floor, but maybe you can do something here? Just make sure you have somewhere to hide from the monsters when they wander through.

Floor Ninety-Two: Step into this floor and it's as if you've been plunged inside a pyramid. There's plenty to explore, although the hieroglyphs are nonsense even if you can read that sort of thing and the whole thing is lit much brighter than a real pyramid would be. Deep in the center is a glittering gold sarcophagus. If you open it, you'll find yourself suddenly trapped inside with none of your superhuman abilities. The only way to get out without dying is to convince someone else inside to open the coffin. Of course, while one of the Tower residents is in the coffin its real owner isn't, and the mummy will lurk in the corridors of the pyramid waiting to attack and strangle anyone who gets too close. The mummy will return to its coffin after whoever is trapped within dies.

Floor Ninety-One: Flight and/or superhuman powers do not work on this floor. This floor is empty, its only feature being that it has no walls and is therefore open to the elements. Being in the stratosphere, however, makes that extremely dangerous on its own. Don't step off the staircase or you won't have a pleasant time here.

Floor Ninety: A gorgeous lagoon fills this floor. The water, falling from a small waterfall, is crystal clear, and there's plenty of space on the banks to play. The water is easily warm enough to swim in as well. Mermaids also lurk here, however, and if you draw too close to one they'll pull you down and drown you. Those who can't be drowned, though, they will instead transform into a mermaid like them. The transformed character will be compelled to drown others. Unfortunately, the transformation is a very taxing process, and any transformed character will die in three days.

If you don't want to die like this and drown victims besides, you can always throw yourself up onto the beach to dry out and die that way.

Floor Eighty-Nine: There are multiple rooms here--it's a small hotel with both single and double rooms staffed by worker units. If you'd like, you can book time here; the hotel will refresh you the same as sleeping in your room would. However, you don't stay for free: in return, you will have to gather up materials for the hotel, and these materials are always extremely dangerous, from deadly poppies to hellhound flame to deathclaw livers. The price goes up the longer you stay, and you have to pay every day you stay.

Aside from that, it's quite a nice, well-maintained hotel. They even leave chocolates or dried fruit on the pillows.

Floor Eighty-Eight: This floor is a bar. There's usually no alcohol, but sometimes you might get lucky (and sometimes you might get alcohol poisoning). The bar is always smoky for no apparent reason, and a large pool table sits in the center.

Floor Eighty-Seven: This bright field of poppies seems like the perfect place for a nap: in fact, that's exactly what you'll want to do here. Anyone who lingers here will grow drowsy and fall asleep. Anyone left sleeping here until nightfall will die; anyone who falls asleep during the night will surely be devoured by monsters. It's easier for a group to resist falling asleep than a lone wanderer, though the more of a group falls asleep the harder it is for the remaining.

Attempting to eat these poppies in any form, even in the smallest amount, will lead to a quick death, like going to sleep.

Floor Eighty-Six: This floor, blessed with constantly summery weather, appears to be another meadow, but careful examination will reveal a multitude of mushrooms in perfect circles--fairy rings. As long as one avoids the rings this floor isn't too dangerous, but set even one foot inside them and you'll fall prey to the fae. If you're lucky they'll make you dance to death for their amusement. If not, they'll play with you instead. Maybe they'll grant you the ability to see magical creatures for a few days--and for those creatures to see and attempt to harm you right back. Maybe they'll drop you into a deep illusion. Maybe they'll warp and alter your body into an impossible tree or delicate crystal version of yourself. Those who are familiar with the way the fae operate may be able to negotiate and escape these punishments.

Floor Eighty-Five: There are slides and ladders of various sizes everywhere here: if you're familiar with the chutes and ladders game, this might be what it would look like if it existed in real life. Go ahead and play around if you want, but be careful--some of those slides are awfully long, and you'll quickly find yourself unable to return to the stairs unless you plot out where you're going. End up on the lowest level and there's nothing to do except starve to death or slide down the final slide into a pit of starving, venomous snakes the size of an adult human.

Floor Eighty-Four: Supernatural powers do not work on this floor. Upon first entering the floor, the first thing that is noticeable is how... Blocky everything is. Once past this hurdle, however, you'll then start think that there is a lot of resources available at your disposable that could help potentially to improve your life. After all, it does look like they can be cut down with proper tools, and the place seems to go on and on for quite a while. Mixes of different temporal regions clash as if this was completely normal, and if you get yourself a ye shovel from the workshop, you may be able to dig far down and uncover mine shafts that lead to materials such as iron, copper, silver, gold, emeralds, sapphires the very rare diamonds.

This is all, however, nothing but a cruel trick and dream.

The minute you start to leave the room, your hard-earned treasures fade into sand. You cannot build with them or use them anywhere else but this room, and at each dawn, the scenery wipes itself out and changes into a new one. If you decide to build something or sleep there during the night, you may find yourself buried alive, on top of a mountain or out in the open without knowing about it...

And that's just the start of your problems. apart from the fact that you are painfully human and mortal in this level that seems to defy pretty much everything as to how it even exists, the creepers are especially fond of this floor and can be found more commonly here than elsewhere. A small hiss is all you were hear before your body is torn asunder.

But, at least you could make a giant statue of a middle finger for one night, we suppose.

Floor Eighty-Three: This floor appears to have countless outfits to choose from. In fact, if you're looking for something specific, they'll always have it. You'll have to sort through the piles of clothes, which can be a bit like sorting through a mountain, but it'll always be there.

The first time you wear the outfit, though, you'll find it's actually a living animal. Placed inside frogs, foxes, birds, all sorts of creatures, you'll be able to feel their organs beating and breathing and squirming around you. You'll be compelled to act like the animal you're wearing while you wear it. Take them off, though, and they vanish as if they were never there at all.

Floor Eighty-Two: A masquerade party is taking place in this intricately decorated, expensive-looking ballroom, and you're going to have to participate. As soon as you step onto this floor a mask is placed on your face. Anyone wearing a mask is completely anonymous even to those with supernatural abilities. You can take off a mask, but anyone with their mask off is compelled to truthfully answer any question they're asked.

Floor Eighty-One: Yet another lounge is on this floor--the windows bulge out, so if you're brave you can step out and get a look up and straight down. The Tower stretches above and below, of course, but of note might be the conditions outside. You're far, far above the clouds, and in fact you've left the troposphere behinde entirely: this floor, and naturally everything above it, is situated in the stratosphere. This floor is really good for stargazing, but there's nothing recognizable to any world. Looking down the entire world seems to be covered in a foggy haze, and there's no way to distinguish where the ground is at all.

Fourth Block

Floor Eighty: Walking onto this floor places you in the middle of a brightly colored three-ring circus. There's always something going on here--beast taming using monsters, clowns, trapeze acts... Normally the worker units work here, but you might find yourself with an assignment. Be careful here, though: the clowns aren't worker units, they're... Something Else. Something especially malevolent that won't hesitate in using you in its show if you get too close. They can make intestines into jump ropes and balloon animals, but you'd probably rather they didn't do it to you.

Floor Seventy-Nine: This floor is entirely underwater. There's scuba gear not far from the staircase (the steps being the only thing not underwater), and unlike the previous submerged floor the creatures here are from modern-day Earth and (aside from monsters which may wander onto this floor) not as dangerous as they could otherwise be. There are underwater ruins and caverns to explore, and even treasure to find, if you have any use for gold and jewelry here. Just make sure you can get out before your oxygen supply is gone.

Floor Seventy-Eight: This floor is--a mail room? Yes, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of post office boxes here, along with a back room where worker units sort out mail. Mail? Yes, if you wish, you can send out letters and packages to other characters this way. There's a post office box assigned to you, you need only ask someone working here about it.

Just remember, anyone can send mail to you...

Floor Seventy-Seven: This floor mimics a sauna--there are three entrances: one for men, one for women, and one for mixed. Inside each room is the wooden interior one would expect. Outside each area is a small changing room with lockers--if you look, you'll find one with your name on it. The locker will only open up for you. It might be a good place to store things, actually...

Floor Seventy-Six: The walls of this room are entirely glass, and the humidity is quite high: a greenhouse spreads out through floor seventy-six. There are endless exotic plants and herbs. There isn't anything edible here, excepting the herbs, but it would certainly be easy enough to grow things here. Just be careful--a lot of the plants are extremely poisonous, and more often than not will contaminate food grown here, making it a dangerous, poisoned hybrid food.

Floor Seventy-Five: There's a tower in this floor, ironically. This floor is by far the tallest one, stretching up and up and up so that the tower within the Tower can rise to twenty floors. Entering through the door in the bottom reveals the thing to have twenty completely empty floors, along with a spiral staircase that can be ascended all the way to the top and out onto the roof. Monsters enjoy lurking inside the dark tower, but if lit up it could be a good place to hang out.

Floor Seventy-Four: Ascending to this floor is like stepping into a cavern; light filters down from what appears to be far away and through water, tinting the area in shimmering blue. Slippery, glimmering sand coats the floor where stalagmites don't rise up. It's easy to get lost here, and the dark environment means nighttime monsters are out constantly, but it's quite pretty.

Floor Seventy-Three: This always-snowy floor is filled with what appears to be the ruins of a large castle. While it's certainly not fit for inhabitation anymore, given how worn away it is, it's interesting to explore, and there are a few places that could be temporary hideaways. This floor is very cold, though, with snow always on the ground and often falling, so make sure to bring a coat.

Floor Seventy-Two: Another maze fills this floor, this one cut off with countless doors and walls that reach to the ceiling. Traveling through this one is an exercise in patience--there is no backtracking, as doors close and lock behind anyone who walks through them once. In theory there should always be another door waiting to be opened and it should in theory be impossible to become stuck inside... Unless the maze shifts while you're in it and you get especially unlucky. Make sure you don't open the door and step into a room with a monster; they do like lurking here.

Floor Seventy-One: Everything here is covered in dripping, bleeding flesh and decorated with pulsing organs. Even the staircase isn't unaltered, and walking through this floor tends to be a rather squishy affair. The organs and flesh in the room itself don't match any known creature: rather, they seem to be a mash up of many creatures, from mammals to birds to fish. They all seem to be pulsing and twitching and shifting as if in use. If anything is cut into in this room, it may alter everything else in it: things will contract and speed up and acid may be used in the creature's defense. Be careful, that acid can eat through anything except the flesh of the creature itself.

Floor Seventy: A tangle of machinery fills this large floor--it's as if you've been plunged into the middle of a factory machine. Exploration is possible but dangerous, as the floor is filled with pipes carrying boiling water, fire, acids left open above catwalks, and pistons ready to crush anyone caught unaware. The machine doesn't actually seem to be capable of making anything for all its complicated workings, though...

Floor Sixty-Nine: A thick layer of clouds blankets this floor, and a bold adventurer will find they're perfectly safe to walk on. This place is idyllically calm and promotes a sense of peace and well-being to anyone who steps on it. In fact, the longer you spend here, the less you want to leave. The less you want to do anything at all, really. Anyone who lingers on this floor will eventually become so unwilling to move at all that they will die of dehydration if a monster doesn't get them first.

Floor Sixty-Eight: This floor is a large, dangerous-looking mountain. The staircase takes a winding path around it--it would actually be faster to jump off and climb straight up to the top of the staircase at the peak. Of course, if you leave the staircase you'll have to deal with all the windy, dangerous conditions of mountains. This particular mountain is also prone to rock slides and avalanches, so be careful!

Floor Sixty-Seven: Twin staircases twine around each other here--one from floor sixty-six and one from floor sixty-five. If you've got good balance you could easily hop from one to the other. In fact, you'll have to do a lot of that, as this floor is nothing but staircase--it twists and turns wildly, turning from metal steps to what appears to be translucent, solid light of varying colors. Make sure you don't fall off; this entire floor is in outer space, with all the associated lack of gravity if you leave the stairs--and the lack of oxygen and appropriate amounts of pressure--that latter problem gets worse and worse the farther you leave the stairs, so even those who can usually survive such conditions will eventually fall prey to them. On the stairs themself gravity is less powerful, which will aid in leaping from step to step and also make it a bit more difficult to aim properly.

Floor Sixty-Six: It seems as if you've stepped off into a freezing glacier--it's much colder than the ocean this floor is connected to, with large chunks of ice floating in barely unfrozen water. Jumping into that water, incidentally, is likely to result in a very swift death unless you can handle the extreme temperatures involved. Even being on this floor will result in death from the temperature in five minutes without something that provides resistance to extreme cold or natural cold resistance. Be careful you don't get lost in the maze of ice caverns. This floor connects to floor sixty-seven.

Floor Sixty-Five: It seems as if you've stepped off into a scorching volcano--it's hotter than the desert beneath it, and lava flows freely between half-melted rocks, but for some reason it doesn't immediately kill those who approach this floor. Still, without either some sort of object that provides resistance to extreme heat or natural heat resistance, anyone who wanders here will die of the temperature within five minutes. This floor connects to floor sixty-seven.

Floor Sixty-Four: Sand blows across the staircase on this floor--it's a large desert, scorchingly hot and dry. You'll have to bring your own supplies if you wish to explore the desert, and make sure to have some way to mark your path; if you lose sight of the staircase you'll never find it again without markers no matter how good your sense of direction normally is.

There's an oasis out there that may reward those who find it, but it will be very difficult to discover and more often than not you'll find trouble. If you wish to have your characters attempt to discover the oasis, please contact a plot moderator. Be aware your characters are far more likely to run into something awful than anything else. The staircase on this floor connects to floor Sixty-Five.

Floor Sixty-Three: Water stretches out in all directions; you've been plunged entirely underwater, with the staircase alone forming a pillar of oxygen. Entering the floor is as easy as stepping out of the pillar and beginning to swim, but the current can come up quickly and there are many strange fish here--some of which you may recognize, but others of which will be completely alien. Don't get yourself poisoned accidentally.

While the fish are relatively passive during the day, the larger, more predatory creatures come out at night. Be careful if you want to go for a midnight dip. The staircase on this floor connects to floor Sixty-Six.

Floor Sixty-Two: A beach stretches out on this floor--it at least looks as if the Tower has given its residents an entire ocean to play with. Of course, swim out and it will quickly be revealed that there is a wall, though you won't find it until you hit it. Be careful when you're swimming: in addition to potentially dangerous aquatic creatures, there are many whirlpools and undertows lurking if you stray too far from the shallows. The tide also comes up quickly on this floor, so make sure you can swim well.

There are two options for leaving this floor: you can head to the staircase on the sand farther inland, which will take you to floor sixty-four, or you can climb up the staircase in the shallow water, which will take you to floor sixty-three. Both staircases are of identical length.

Floor Sixty-One: One this floor is a beautiful grass plain beneath a gorgeous blue sky. The grass grows to about three feet high and the weather is always that of spring just heading into summer. However, if you look closer, you will notice that the mountains nearby have eyes that are always watching you. Look up and so do the clouds... And a wrong step in a direction will send you falling to your death inside a giant pits that are scattered and hidden away until you walk too close.

This floor also has a species of mushroom; while potentially delicious, they stand a 50% chance of causing severe hallucinations that will last for the rest of the day and certainly don't make surviving the Tower any easier.

Third Block

Floor Sixty: This floor is an industrial-sized kitchen, fully stocked with anything you could want in a kitchen--except food, anyway, although there is a large empty walk-in refrigerator and freezer. Everything is tile and brushed metal, but it's all top-quality. Just be careful you don't get locked into anything, because nothing unlocks from the inside--and don't stick your hand in any of the cupboards without looking first.

Floor Fifty-Nine: This floor is a torture chamber, simple as that. Less simply, a medieval-styled torture chamber, if the idea of one was taken out of the stories that arose later. Racks, iron maidens, flails and whips, even an oubliette graces this room. If they used it during the Inquisition, or if people at least thought they did, it's probably in here. Oddly, the weapons have a tendency to vanish when removed from this room, so don't count on them for a fight unless it happens in here.

Also, watch out for the unseen entities lurking here that like to push people into the gaping iron maiden. It closes as soon as something's inside.

Floor Fifty-Eight: This empty floor is extremely tall with what appear to be ancient wooden floors and walls (though they are no less indestructible than the rest of the Tower) with beams and rafters high above the ceiling. There are also countless corpses that were hanged from those rafters.

Floor Fifty-Seven: This floor appears to be outside--it's a large, flat field perfect for playing sports on. Specifically, it's set up for soccer, with goals and lines appropriate for the sport. Still, it wouldn't be too difficult to set up other games if you'd like. If you travel far enough up or off the field you will eventually hit the ceiling or wall, but it will be hard to tell where they are until you smack right into them. Just make sure you don't play any night games, because monsters are quite attracted to this floor after nightfall.

Floor Fifty-Six: It appears as if you've stepped into a large hospital ward--there's a surgical suite and a labyrinth of rooms with empty hospital beds. It doesn't appear to have been used in a very long time, though; there are no medical supplies, the lights on this floor flicker in and out, and in the dark, it looks like twisted things made wrong in some sort of horrible surgery are walking or crawling or dragging themselves after you.

It's just your imagination, though.

Floor Fifty-Five: This floor is always very warm--that's because it houses both a large boiler and a massive incinerator. It's a good place to throw trash, of course--the incinerator always has flames licking at its insides and the door is big enough for five or six people to walk into standing side-by-side. And don't play with that boiler--if it explodes, it would certainly kill or scald most everyone on the floor at the time.

Floor Fifty-Four: This floor is designed like an old toy shop, if the shop only sold dolls and puppets. They're very well-designed dolls and puppets, though--almost lifelike, except for that inherent sense of something terribly wrong one often gets around such things. To take one of these dolls from the floor is to invite an obsession with it; whoever takes it will become convinced the doll is a real person. The doll or puppet will whisper to its owner, encouraging it to murder and kill anyone who thinks its owner's newfound obsession is odd. These powers are especially influential on children. There are only two ways to bring someone who has fallen under a doll's influence back to normal: kill them or destroy the doll.

Floor Fifty-Three: A dusty classroom fills this floor--there's a blackboard on the far wall, a lectern and teacher's desk, and multiple old, worn-out looking desks for students to sit in, though you will have to place them on their feet again and wipe them off, because whenever no one is on this floor all the desks turn themselves upside down. Just make sure not to set up more desks than you're planning on using: if you do, something will fill them. Extra students will appear, and anyone on the floor when they appear will believe they were always there. However, they're extras and there's not really room for them; eventually those on the floor will be driven to madness and will kill enough of their own so that the false students have room to attend. If you upturn all the desks while only having a few in the room, well, there will be a massacre.

Floor Fifty-Two: Flight and/or supernatural powers do not work on this floor. This floor is lined with what appear to be giant playing cards, the pattern changing daily. If you step off the staircase onto the floor, cards will rise up and completely block it: you must now travel to the four corners of the room and press the buttons, each one representing one suit of cards, in order to escape. However, the button makes all cards of that suit vanish after thirty seconds: you have to plan very carefully and move very quickly to ensure you don't make it impossible for you to traverse to the next corner, or worse, end up falling into the abyss because the card you were standing on vanished.

Floor Fifty-One: There are many sewing machines and kits on this floor--there's even some fabric, though of very low quality (but thicker than the spandex catsuits, if you have nothing else). There are even mannequins--mostly humanoid, but also of other species--for you to use for your creations. The mannequins seem to have trouble staying put, however--and they tend to steal sewing kits. Anyone who dozes off or is otherwise inattentive here will find various openings of their body sewn shut.

Floor Fifty: This floor is completely barren for 99% of the time, lit by strobe lights and streams on the ceiling that rises a good thirty feet in the air. The walls have windows which let in the sunlight during the day. There is nothing but rock and polished marble, grey and dull. It is, for a lack of better word, a stadium where all the characters can practice fighting, although others might find other uses for it.

However, should you be unlucky, you might walk right into a sacrificial ceremony being preformed by a pair of ghosts, who drag you toward the center and then violently pull your heart out. There is no way to stop this, unfortunately.

Floor Forty-Nine: There's another Tower maze here--but this one is composed of countless mirrors in various sizes and shapes. There are mirrors on the floor, mirrors on the ceiling, and even mirrors made up of thousands of tinier mirrors. It's incredibly easy to get lost in this, and while the mirrors can be broken, the shards are sharp enough to cut through anything but the strongest armor, may reform at any moment (sending the shards flying toward the mirror), and, of course, breaking a mirror is terribly bad luck. You'll attract monsters for seven hours.

These new floors bring with them new jobs as well as a new feature of the Tower: the mailroom. Go to the linked pages for more information on these.

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