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Animus Moderators ([personal profile] animusmods) wrote in [community profile] animus_ooc2013-03-01 12:00 am
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Mod Announcement: Monster Creation, NPC Page, New Floor

The monster creation page will now accept unique monsters whose origin will be the Tower itself.

The NPC page has been updated.

One new floor has been added to the Tower:

Floor One Hundred One: Flying/Supernatural powers do not work on this floor. This floor floats, broken off from what's above and below--to get to it, one has to step onto the top of the last, glowing stair going up or down, when one will be teleported onto the hanging gardens. Stepping onto either glowing up or down arrow will provide passage off of this floating island. There are thousands of plants of all shape and size here, pressing against the top of the floors above it and hanging down off the edges onto the floors beneath it. Despite being so high up it seems to have an atmosphere all its own such that plants and those who travel through the gardens can survive.

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