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Event: Individuation; End

On the morning of the 18th, residents of the Tower will find that those who were killed by the shadow children begin reviving, although they will continue to trickle in until the 20th, when everyone will have finally been brought back to life. The shadow children themselves slowly decrease in number over those days as well--though they won't vanish entirely.

Jason makes the following announcement over loudspeakers on the twentieth:

I've done what I can to slow down the spread of psychelysis phantoms and cull them from your levels. Still, they'll linger from now on--a little unfortunate, but I can't say I expected all of you to find real explosives and use them like that, so you reap what you sow.

From now on, shadow children will remain in the Tower as uncommon monsters. Their bestiary entry is as follows:

Psychelysis Phantoms (Shadow Children)
World: The Tower
Rarity: Uncommon
Danger Rating DAY: 9
Danger Rating NIGHT: 9
Description: Inky black humanoid creatures with white, white, white grins, these are the warped shadows of friends and loved ones from the residents' home worlds. Drawing too close to one that recognizes you will cause that shadow child to follow you around, speaking in a voice only you can hear. They sound like whoever they were at home--someone important to you--except, warped by the Tower, they only speak about how terrible you are and how you've betrayed them by surviving. They will drain energy over the course of two to three days, killing you if you don't get rid of them. Shadow children cannot be killed, but interacting with others and forming bonds drives them off. If your energy is drained by a shadow child, your collar will turn completely clear and you will not be brought back to life until two to three days later.
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The psychelysis phantom's description implies they can be gotten rid of, but the tower bonds still only drive them off for a time. Is there some trick that shakes them off completely, or have I misread?
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Oh, okay. Thank you!
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If a character is partially drained but successful in driving them off, I assume their collar condition would remain as-is until the next collar checkup?
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This question is similar to the one [personal profile] fonlines asked, but since that one is about the new monsters and this one is about the effects of the monsters during the event I'm going to ask just to make sure. Will anyone drained during the event but who didn't die be restored to full strength at their next collar check up as with the new monsters or will the effects last longer because the monsters were stronger during the event?


Apologies for the edit, but I thought of another question. Violets would have had a collar check on the 17th. Would those have happened as slated and would that check up have combated the draining? Just trying to figure out how weak my boy will be until his next check up!
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Thank you! Sorry to pick your brains on the details. I just wanted to be sure I had them right. :-)
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Reading over the event info, I realized that both Ally and I misread the info for the future shadows, and each of them happened to tell Enoch and Lucifel something they didn't know about their future.

We've talked it over and come to the conclusions that the things they didn't know were easily obtained information anyway - Enoch could have learned his at any point from Lucifel or Raphael since their canon points are sufficient; and Lucifel's "secret" is common mythological knowledge, something he would have "known" but not believed to be real/denied. Both would-be secrets fit the event's theme of preying on doubts and fears and self-blame.

However since this is kind of directly contradictory to what you guys wrote, we thought we'd come to you about it. It is okay to keep or would you rather we back up and edit these things out? It would be relatively easy to do so considering they only appeared in a thread between us.