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Event: Quarantine; End

It's late on Monday evening when those digging finally break through into the dormitory levels. As soon as there's enough space cleared for them, the worker units travel up in an unbroken single-file stream, making fairly quick work of the rest of the damage, although the area will be a bit dusty and unkempt-looking for another two or three days.

The worker units work for an hour, cleaning and doing emergency repairs. None of the dormitory doorways currently work, but after an hour, Riki's voice comes in over all the loudspeakers--even those trapped within rooms can hear him.

"I'll have to do a soft reset of a couple systems, so you guys are gonna lose an hour, but once it's over I'll have something for all of you. ...Thanks for helping out. I'll talk to the boss, see if I can't get her to play a shorter game with all of you."

Everyone will black out. When they wake up, they are in their own rooms. Any bodies within rooms have been cleared, and the dead revived in the morning. Wounds on characters who were not killed persist. The doors all function properly now, and things have more or less gone back to normal. Everyone who was trapped in their rooms or who helped in fixing the Tower receives one item from home. It cannot be a weapon.
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So did the cave-in crush the sapling on floor 101 or is it the luckiest tree ever?
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Wow, what a lucky tree.

Can a regain be something they may not clearly remember having? I'm thinking of giving Enoch his scribe's robes, but it's been 366 years since he wore them...
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Okay thank you!
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Characters who didn't the collar injections and were left unconscious by roomies - dragged off for collar checks at wake-up time?
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Can something like power armor regain full functionality? It previously didn't have vacuum sealed capacity and some of the strength enhancement was gone.
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Okay! I figured I just wanted to make sure.
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Will the electricity be back on when they wake up in their rooms? Or will they be waking up in the dark/with emergency lights still?

Also would it be possible for Xion to regain a Dusk (particularly this one), functioning as a pet of sorts, maybe?
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Will there be a subthread for reclaim approval as usual or are you guys just leaving that up to us as long as we follow usual reclaim rules plus the no weapon rule?

Edit: Sorry the above question made me think of another one. If we aren't doing checks on the reclaims, are living things like pets allowed as long as they would fit in the trunk?
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Edit: Would a cloak that grants invisibility be considered a weapon? While the ability isn't offensive, it could be used in a fight defensively and aid in that way which I am thinking might be close enough to count as a weapon. If so, I'll just have it arrive powerless, but I wanted to check.

Sorry for the detail questions. Just want to make sure I don't grab something that shouldn't be grabbed!

You guys are good! You answered the question I hadn't even asked yet since I was wondering if a hunting hound would be big enough to fall into possible weapon territory. Thanks!
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Could they receive an item from a relative?
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I know you guys aren't doing checks, but I wanted to ask before assuming - would Sora be allowed to regain his Kingdom Hearts 2 outfit, so long as it doesn't have any of it's powers? (normally it allows Sora to use Drive Forms, but I'm less concerned about that than I am about him finally having clothes that fit)
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I don't know if this counts, but would it be possible for Reno to get one uniform? He and Shion sort of have a clothing problem...
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Just running it by you guys - what if Aqua got back the "training" Keyblade that was once Terra's and was gifted to Ven pre-BBS? it's pretty useless as an actual weapon, but it is for weapon training, so...?
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Would a character still be suffering side-effects from the injection after the black-out? Seph got his on Sunday after passing out.

Edit: Also let me know if any problem for him to have a gym kit as a regain? I'm not sure the rules regarding 1 item vs 1 set of clothes like that!!
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Kay, so... I want to do something nice to my character, since I'm about to be extra horrible to him.

If Mieu showed up without the Sorcerer's Ring, would he still count as a weapon?

I mean, all cheagles can breath fire, but Mieu is a baby, so can't without the ring.

Sorry, just checking before I go and assume things. o7;;
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First, if Edgeworth got his Steel Samurai DVDs back, would he be able to play them in the media room? If so, I'd like him to regain those.

If he wouldn't be able to play for them then I'd like him to regain some Steel Samurai comics instead.

As for Colette, I'd like her to have her cute party costume. She hasn't got one from her current canon point but would that necessarily matter? If she's not allowed it, though, that's fine, and I'd like her to regain some Lemon Gels instead.
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Can Lancer get a hurley ball? No sticks--just a ball.

And can Sola-ui get her old wedding dress?