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Event: If You Don't; End

At the stroke of midnight, as soon as the clock ticks over to November 1, the bowls of candy, and all the candy with it, vanish. Anyone who didn't complete their final riddle is still punished, of course--but anyone who died over the course of this event will also return to life today.

Characters who solved none of their riddles receive nothing.

Characters who solved less than half of their riddles receive a chocolate-covered cherry and a note:
Better luck next time!

Characters who solved more than half of their riddles, but still missed some, receive a small bag of ten pieces of assorted candy and a note:
Close, but not quite!

Characters who solved all of their riddles receive a large bag of thirty pieces of assorted candy and a note:
You win! Clap clap clap for you! I hope you had fun!

Each piece of candy replaces one meal's worth of food, so it may come in handy at some point. However, anyone who consumes the candy will attract shadow children for four hours per piece of candy eaten.
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[personal profile] stitchedupbodyguard 2013-11-01 02:08 pm (UTC)(link)
Define punished.

Because basically no one finished more than three riddles.
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Punished as in they will suffer the consequences tied to failing to solve their riddles, as detailed in the thread.

Riddles will continue to be backtagged, so the details of the punishments will still continue to be handed out.
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Ah, right.

And how long to the punishments last?
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Until the stroke of midnight when it becomes November 1st, for punishments from earlier in the week; sixth-riddle punishments, should a character get that far and fail, will have a different duration and will be detailed in the description of their penalty.
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Will the riddles continue to be backtagged? If so, for how long?
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Seconding this. My second riddle isn't even finished and chance of death for the character is high.
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[personal profile] animusnpcs 2013-11-02 06:02 pm (UTC)(link)
As said below, riddles will continue to be backtagged. Reno won't be dying until the third day at the very soonest, however, and if he continues to partially solve riddles but partially fail them his death will happen later in the week.
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Britt here! They will continue to be backtagged - the delay in getting some of them out was my bad; IRL sort of hit me over the head with a brick and I wasn't able to pull as much of my weight for the event as I should have.

Backtags will come until you guys stop replying. I'll be checking it between classes and after work each day to do things where I can, but if two or three days go by without replies from any of the players I won't be checking as often after that. If it turns out that something comes up for you and you can't get any responses done in 2-3 days, ping me once you've posted and I'll start checking again.
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Oh okay! Thank you very much!
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Does supplying the right candy but not having enough count as solving a riddle or no
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No. If they receive a penalty of any kind, the riddle is considered unsolved.