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[admin post] Admin Post: End of Year Discussion Post

Well, 2013 is coming to an end--and the endgame draws ever closer as well. This means it's time for a discussion post! Here's how this is going to work: this post will be divided up into subcategories, and you guys can discuss among yourselves and with us whatever you want about the topic in question. Tell us things you want to see, tell us things you want us to stop doing, tell us things we're doing right if you want!

Please remain civil in your discussions; we will be watching the post and will step in if things get too heated anywhere. Respect each others' opinions even if you don't agree with them. Anonymous commenting is currently enabled, but will be disabled if abused.

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[personal profile] doc_brown 2013-12-15 12:33 pm (UTC)(link)
I don't know if it fits better here or in the endgame section, but I'm really loving the way the plot is unfolding right now and one of the things I'd like to see more of in the future is the way to restore the homeworlds! I think Riki has mentioned his and Dax's solution and I'm sure our scientists would be all over working on the solutions now that they're done with the collar fluid! And probably pretty much everyone.

I know Doc is gonna try to ask Riki about it through the requests and I assume it's planned to become a thing at some point, but still that's pretty much one of the plot point I'm looking forward the most! I figure some more infiltration may be a necessity to find out how to do it if Riki doesn't cooperate.
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The plot is interesting. The NPCs are interesting. Even though I've only been here since November, I've been excited to get involved and see how things turn out.

What I don't like — and what has, quite frankly, been extremely disappointing — is how the current event has been handled. I don't know if it's unusual or not, since it's the first big event that I've been in the game for. But the lack of OOC communication has been frustrating and discouraging. Life happens. Delays happen. But OOC communication to the community at large shouldn't be such a difficult thing, especially when activity checks and test drive memes are still going up on schedule.

As of this comment, the last note in the OOC community that I can find regarding the delays in the event was from December 22nd. The last IC comment from Jason on this log is from the 24th. Even on plurk (which really shouldn't be the only way of getting information on what's going on in a game, unless following the mod plurk is required upon joining), no mention was made on the mod plurk until someone asked about what was going on in a plurk that was completely unrelated.

According to the calendar, the event was supposed to end on December 21st. Like I said, delays happen. Life happens. Radio silence for eleven days, while a major event grinds to a complete standstill and things like activity checks proceed right on schedule, shouldn't happen. If the IC playing out of the event has become a thing that just can't happen at the moment (for whatever reason — I know things happen), at least figuring out a resolution OOCly would be a step forward.

To sum it up: more OOC communication is needed when events are going on. I sincerely hope to see more of it, as the game moves towards its end.