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Event: Recharge?; Part Three

If Thursday was relatively quiet, Friday is the opposite. The whole Tower hums and rattles, bright electric sparks and arcs pushing out from the exposed core of the Tower. The strange rips in the air are more prominent now, revealing themselves to be something like a void--the complete absence of anything, even reality, in that spot. Coming into contact with one of these spots causes the character to blink out of existence for anywhere from fifteen minutes to an hour. They're easily enough avoided in the day, but at night or in the dark it's more difficult.

As for those who volunteered to provide power to the Tower, they dream on. The nightmares have grown worse all throughout Thursday, to the point of something approaching (but not exactly like) physical pain, until finally on Friday they cease.

While still asleep, they seem to have slid into a different realm entirely--a perfectly black void, lit only by the glow that seems to come from somewhere inside each of them. None of them is alone: they have all arrived in this place together. While they cannot see anything around them, they feel drawn to a specific point somewhere in the distance, and will be compelled to travel there. It's a quiet, eerie journey, and it seems like it will take some time, but surely the reason everyone has been brought here is at the place that's calling out to them...

There is a mingle log for those hooked up to the machine here.

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