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Event: Heel; Sign-Ups

It's February, and of course, that means games. Still, even if that's a sick sort of routine, Ruana's message is more blunt and less casually worded than her usual. Beginning on the morning of February 13 and continuing over the weekend, a select few characters will receive the following note:

You have been chosen to participate in a hunt game. Attendance is required for one week beginning on the 16th. You will be collected if you do not arrive promptly.

While the characters will not be aware of this, anyone who signs up for this game will be participating in a game in which they are selected either as hunters or as prey. Hunters must attempt to kill the prey, and the prey must attempt to last the entire week without being murdered. There will be at least one motivation provided for the hunter characters--in your sign up, you will be asked to provide another. Your character's motivation can be either a reward or a punishment. If your character would desire something that they would not believe the Tower could provide, they can also be mildly brainwashed into believing the Tower can provide it. Characters killed in the event will remain dead until the end of the event.

You may sign up one character. Hunter slots are unlimited, but prey slots are not: the exact number will be determined by the number of sign ups, but the prey will be chosen via a random number generator. If you sign up, especially as prey, you must plan to be active over the next week. Backtagging is fine, but please be prepared to at least plot out results of deaths and interactions. While only one character can ultimately be accepted, you may sign up one character to be prey and then provide a "back up" character to be a hunter in the case of your first character not being selected.

Sign ups run until 12:01 AM EST on February 16. To sign up, reply to this comment with the following form:

As for what's causing Ruana to take this a little more seriously--for now, that's a secret.

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