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Event: Heel; Part One

Early in the morning of February 16, the characters selected to participate in the game are gathered up by a horde of retrieval units and escorted to the elevator, which expands to fit all of them. They are taken down in silence to a location that may be unfortunately familiar to some. It's only once they arrive that they are separated out: Tetra [personal profile] stop_calling_me_zelda, Sheena Fujibayashi [personal profile] ninjainviolet, Wriggle Nightbug [personal profile] wrigurun, Zelda [personal profile] sageprincess, Sealand [personal profile] bydefacto, and Ruler [personal profile] faithstaynight are pulled out of the elevator into a group of their own. As soon as they step out of the elevator, their outfits change into something resembling more modest hospital gowns, and hospital bracelets appear around one of their wrists. The bracelets glow red and each bare a unique number. The hunter group is moved out of the elevator next. They, too, have their clothes change into hospital gowns and gain hospital bracelets, but theirs are white and blank.

A retrieval unit addresses both groups.

"This group has been selected to be the prey for this game. They can be identified by their red bracelets. The rest of you are hunters. To win in this game as hunters, you must kill the prey and collect the bracelets; the bracelets will not detach unless the death of the prey is confirmed. You have been provided with motivation for this task, and must kill and collect two bracelets to succeed. You may kill other hunters to eliminate competition once the number of prey has fallen to three.

To win in this game as prey, you must survive the week. You will be provided with a thirty minute head start, among other advantages. However, these advantages will disappear as the game goes on. Winners will receive a special prize.

Anyone, hunter or prey, who survives until Thursday will receive additional motivation. Begin."

Prey will be given thirty minutes to run into the labyrinth however they choose. They will find that their normal supernatural abilities have been disabled in favor of other abilities. Even those without any powers at all will find themselves with something.

Hunters will only be released into the labyrinth after the thirty minutes have passed. For now. they will find that all of their supernatural abilities are completely disabled, and they have nothing to compensate for them for now. They will, however, all be provided with their choice of sword, dagger, spear, or bow.

Tetra [personal profile] stop_calling_me_zelda has the number 1348 on her bracelet. She has been given the power to see through the eyes of others within a hundred feet of her, although only for a few minutes at a time, and she cannot move her own body while she does this.
Sheena Fujibayashi [personal profile] ninjainviolet has the number 0003 on her bracelet. She can manipulate sound waves, even able to scream loud enough to damage those around her. If she uses her power for too long, though, she will injure and kill herself.
Wriggle Nightbug [personal profile] wrigurun has the number 0455 on her bracelet. She has eight spider-like limbs made of energy that she can retract into her body or use at will. They work like spider limbs, but keeping them out for too long exhausts her, and eventually they'll disappear on their own--unfortunate if she's on the wall or ceiling at the time.
Zelda [personal profile] sageprincess has the number 0011 on her bracelet. She can see into the very immediate future--only a few seconds or minutes ahead. She can't turn it off, though, so it might get a little confusing.
Sealand [personal profile] bydefacto has the number 0021 on his bracelet. He can create and control fire, but it exhausts him to use for too long, and when he gets too emotional he tends to spontaneously set the air around him on fire. He cannot be damaged by fire.
Ruler [personal profile] faithstaynight has the number 1004 on her bracelet. She has healing powers--in fact, she'll heal from almost anything. The only things she won't recover from are a beheading or the removal of her heart.

There are nutrition bars and bottled water scattered about the labyrinth--enough to keep everyone alive but forcing them to keep moving to search out more. A mingle log has been provided here. A plotting thread has been made here.

For those not participating in the event, the situation in the labyrinth is displaying in the media room and on the terminals. For now, though, they can only watch.

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