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Event: Heel; Part Two

On February 20th, a change happens in the labyrinth. Black numbers will appear on the white bracelets of the hunters.

As of midnight on the 20th, Prey will find that the abilities granted to them by their bracelets have become twice as strong. Hunters will also have access to abilities of this nature, though theirs are not as powerful as those possessed by prey characters.

Asch the Bloody [personal profile] bloodyashes has the number 0783 on his bracelet. His power will not be immediately obvious, but when he is looking directly at someone, any wound he inflicts on himself will be inflicted upon that person. For example, if he happens to be watching someone in a struggle for their life and cuts off his foot, that person will likely stumble and be killed by someone else. The obvious downside to this power is that he has to hurt himself to hurt others; less immediately obvious is that if he wants to use the power to kill someone on the spot, he will also die.
Capell [personal profile] regenleif has the number 0692 on his bracelet. He will find that he has wolf-like senses of sight, hearing, and smell, and that he can transform into a wolf in order to use claws and sharp sharp sharp teeth to tear into his victims. However, the more he uses the senses and turns into a wolf, the more difficult it will be for him to retain his grip on his humanity, and using it too heavily could leave him stuck as nothing more than a standard wolf.
Claudia Hortensia [personal profile] sicharia has the number 0219 on her bracelet. She has the power to absorb kinetic energy by touching anything that can move, and can channel that energy into almost any form. However, using more than she has absorbed causes her to use her own kinetic energy, and it cannot be regained; if she uses her powers too much she will find that she is unable to move and thus unable to absorb more energy.
Ken Amada [personal profile] miseris_socios has the number 0018 on his bracelet. He has the power to shrink down to the size of a hamster at will, and to expand himself back to full size at will. On the one hand, he can get into small spots and sneak up on people more easily. On the other... someone could step on him. He will not be able to exit the labyrinth using this power.
Kirei Kotomine [personal profile] god_damned has the number 0041 on his bracelet. His lips are poison - kissing someone else on the lips would be a literal kiss of death; kissing any other part of their body, their clothing, or a weapon would be as if it had been touched by acid. However, biting his own lip or putting his lips together too often could result in poisoning himself.
Lancer [personal profile] puppy_lancer has the number 1291 on his bracelet. He has been given the power to turn back time for things and people he has direct contact with - for example, when holding onto someone's arm, he could regress them back in age to a time before they learned their skills or until they are too young to fight back, or when touching a weapon he could return it to its state before it had been forged. However, for every year he takes away from a person or object, he gains one himself. (This will not affect the labyrinth walls, though.)
Minato Arisato [personal profile] evokingfool has the number 0387 on his bracelet. He can drain the "fight" out of anyone by making eye contact with them - the longer he looks into their eyes, the more pacifistic they will find themselves becoming. However, the longer he looks into their eyes, the worse his vision becomes. If someone finds themselves wholly unwilling to resist, he will find himself completely and utterly blind.
Mitchell Dominic [personal profile] idkworldruler has the number 0099 on his bracelet. He will begin hearing voices - three different ones, claiming to be deities of fire, water, and wind - and can speak back to them in his mind. While he himself will not be able to use the powers of these "gods," he can make contracts with them in order to convince them to perform acts relating to their domains for him; the more powerful the act, the more he will have to promise in return. A strong blast of wind would perhaps cost him a fingernail, violently torn out; piercing winds that could cause someone to bleed, on the other hand, might cost a hand or an entire arm, depending on how many he was attacking or how long he wanted it to last. Anything the deities take will not heal and if he asks for too great a favor they will respond by taking his life.
Quark [personal profile] averytinyparticle has the number 1266 on his bracelet. He will have the power to create whips of shadow, one in each hand; these whips can grow or shrink at will and can be used to ensnare victims or to move himself around by catching them on something and pulling himself over to them. However, the more he uses them, the darker his irises will become; when they become pitch-black, he will be consumed by shadows.
Ryoji Mochizuki [personal profile] notsogrimreaper has the number 1313 on his bracelet. When he looks at the wrist that does not have the bracelet on it, he will see "13:00" inked into his skin; touching someone on the forehead who has been dead for less than 13 minutes will bring them back to life, and they will be compelled to listen to his direct commands. However, when they begin breathing, the number on his wrist will start to tick down with each passing second, 12:59 to 12:58 and so on. The only way to stop the ticking is to kill the person brought back to life; if he has brought back more than one person to life, they must all be killed to stop the clock. If the number on his wrist reaches 00:00, he and everyone he has brought back to life will immediately die.
Sephiroth [personal profile] neverbeamemory has the number 0025 on his bracelet. His skull is now abnormally thick; blows to the head will not even phase him, while headbutting others will knock the wind out of them at the very least and could kill them by collapsing their ribs and lungs at the very most. However, his skull being heavier makes it difficult for him to raise his head and will be a major pain in the neck.
Urotsuki [personal profile] chainsawn has the number 1295 on her bracelet. She has the ability to induce insanity with a touch; however, this doesn't just induce insanity in her victim, but also in herself. This insanity may manifest itself in hearing disembodied voices, in seeing hallucinations, or in both at once, and will last for three minutes at a time.
Veronica Madaraki [personal profile] stitchedupbodyguard has the number 0084 on her bracelet. She has the power to vanish from sight at will, but will feel as though she must return to visibility after 10 seconds or else something terrible will happen. If she stays invisible for 11, 12, 13, or 14 seconds, she will be fine except for an increased feeling of paranoia; however, if she hits 15 seconds, she will not only be unable to return to visibility, but will also be unable to move or speak.
Zelos [personal profile] cursedchosen has the number 0915 on his bracelet. He has been given the power to manipulate air currents; however, the longer he uses it the more difficult it is for him to breathe. If he doesn't take a break between uses or attempts to manipulate too much air at once, he runs the risk of suffocating himself.

As the bracelets of the hunters change, sections of labyrinth wall will open up to reveal screens. These screens will be adjacent to every character present in the labyrinth, both hunter and prey, and positioned in a way that all characters will be able to see what is happening on the screens.

It's a brief moment of watching a nondescript wall of the labyrinth before a tangled, sewn-up heap of limbs is dropped unceremoniously onto the floor in view of the feed. As the creature shifts, it becomes apparent that it is Jason, in all of his unglamoured glory. A retrieval unit's face appears superimposed on the left-hand side of the screen, its face as emotionless as ever. In lieu of speakers, the announcement seems to come from every direction as the retrieval unit speaks. The camera remains focused on Jason as the announcement goes out.
"You have all been provided with a unique opportunity. Any hunter that is able to complete the assigned task will automatically win the game, and any prey that is able to complete the task will be allowed to withdraw from the game without penalty. Hunters have been granted additional abilities to aid in completing this task. Prey have been augmented for the same reason.

Kill him. You will be rewarded."

The screens close back up. If the labyrinth walls are examined, they do not turn up any evidence of having had screens in them.

There are still nutrition bars and water bottles scattered throughout the maze, though they are sparse.

Also starting at midnight on the 20th, chipped-collar units will begin circulating around the Tower in greater numbers. Any character not participating in the event who passes by a chipped unit in a somewhat inconspicuous place -- usually away from any walls -- will be addressed quietly.

If they give the chipped unit their attention, they will be informed that they can help the people involved in Ruana's game. Expressing interest in this prospect will lead the unit to tell them to come to the hidden floor on the evening of the 20th. If a character does not know how to access the hidden floor, they will be told the way.

Chipped-collar units will continue to spread this information among characters not involved in the event until nighttime on the 20th, when the meeting on the secret floor will be conducted with Aria and the chipped units.

To sign up for Aria's rescue mission, please reply to this subthread. Only one character per player may be signed up, barring extenuating IC circumstances (for example, two characters of one player both having their closest CR in the labyrinth).

Despite all these developments, the administrator of the game seems to be almost completely absent from its proceedings thus far...

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