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Event: Heel; Part Three

The evening of the 20th, Aria will address all characters that have gathered on the hidden floor under the instructions of the chipped-collar units.

"Thanks to everyone who came. We don't have a lot of time, so I'll try to explain quickly!

I think most of you saw that Jason is in the labyrinth now. Ruana wants him dead--and, well, I think a lot of you guys probably do too? He's strong, so the people in the maze might need some help. Especially because Ruana is so mad. I don't think anyone down there is safe, even if they manage to defeat Jason. That's why I asked you all to help.

This will be dangerous, but we'll try to help you as much as we can. If you find someone who's too hurt to fight, bring them straight to the access point and we'll take care of them! Whatever happens down there, if you guys do kill Jason, you're going to have to get out quickly."

A little after midnight on Friday, characters who reported to the meeting on time will be brought down to the labyrinth via a retrieval unit elevator that opens up into the very center of the labyrinth. From that point the elevator will close and lock, but it will open to any resident who was brought down and presses a hand to the door. It will not open for the predators or prey, and it will not open for Jason--though he seems unaware that it's there at all for now.

As for Jason himself, the fighting involving him will take place in a log here. In order to speed things along, everyone is allowed to make their own individual or small group threads for fighting them rather than having to post in one especially long thread. The main post will be used for fighting Jason, but there will be a subthread for activities in the labyrinth that do not involve fighting Jason.

The person who will strike the final blow on Jason will be randomly selected out of the people who have replied to fight Jason by 11AM EST Saturday morning and PMed about their selection. This is the fairest way to allow everyone to have an opportunity to strike the killing blow and also will allow everyone to know the conclusion even if backtagging is necessary to actually reach it. If you would like to opt out of having your character be the one to kill Jason, reply to this comment to let us know.