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Event: Heel; End

After being worn down by the vicious hunt in the labyrinth, Jason is finally struck down by the combined efforts of Asch and Zelda. He falls to the death blows and doesn't show any sign of getting up; no weaving his arms about to repair himself, as he always had before.

There is a moment of stillness. And finally, for the first time this month, Ruana appears. (Warning: Cannibalism, gore, horror.)

All characters in the labyrinth will feel the pressure of Ruana's surges of psionic power. Any character who does not evacuate the labyrinth within ten minutes will die of the exposure. Aria and her chipped-collar units will help labyrinth escapees into the retrieval unit elevator at the center of the maze. These characters will be brought up to the hidden floor via the elevator and may rest there for a time if they desire--in fact, Aria will recommend it, given what has happened in the labyrinth.

Of course, Jason isn't here to bring people back to life anymore. Don't worry--Ruana can manage it on her own now. She doesn't have as much finesse, though; from now on, there will be additional consequences of death and side-effects to the revival process.

With the new process, it will take from two to four days for characters to be revived, as opposed to the previous one day. Characters will also be sore and uncomfortable the day they revive, and may potentially experience bleeding, both external and internal. Characters may suffer from temporary memory loss, or temporary loss of a sense or ability from one to five days. They will not be ICly informed of the changes to the revival process or any of the consequences that will result from it.

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