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Event: For Thine Is; Part One

The Tower is eerily silent and still--the power and glamour have shut down without warning, leaving only the sudden downpour of rain and thunder rolling in the distance. For one hour the Tower remains such, as if suspended in time. But then--then, there is something that sounds the way metal tastes and feels the way a drum pounds. It shivers and pulses its way up and down the Tower. Then there is a voice, and it's Zo's, and it's sad and angry and frightened and aware, too aware, all at once--

"This place is too dangerous. It's too dangerous. This place doesn't save anyone at all."

The reality of the Tower cracks in half, as if the border had been snapped in two. Many residents, caught up in the twisting, vanish, and the Tower is silent again.

Those who vanish reappear in an empty, grey field. It is perfectly silent and perfectly dead. The sky is a perfect void, and there is only one point of light breaking the otherwise perfect darkness: a gleaming Tower in the distance. You can feel something in your collars--an uneasy, static warning. They won't last out here.

You are outside. You are without your abilities and your items. You must get back inside.

All those who have found themselves outside the Tower will find they have no abilities and no items with them. For those who have not had their collar fluid replaced and only have false powers, it makes sense: you are far beyond the reach of the Tower's glamour. For those who have real abilities, there is a much more ominous and sinister feeling. It's as if your body is too big for itself. You have the feeling if you linger you will fall to pieces. And this is true, because outside of the Tower, the wireframe bodies cannot last. The characters must travel back to the Tower as quickly as possible. For now, there are no apparent dangers except that of time. Be aware that any characters who die outside the Tower will be permanently killed. They will not be able to be applied for again with their current memories.

As many of your characters as you wish may have been pulled outside the Tower. A log has been put up here to thread out interactions and travel.

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