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For Thine Is; End

Zo wakes up just as the final March the Tower will see fades away. He sits up as soon as his eyes open, as if he'd never been asleep at all, and vanishes into an elevator down into the administrative level--he has a job to do, after all. But, perhaps ten minutes later, Zo's voice can be heard through the intercoms in the Tower.

"Thank you for waking me up. What happened--um, it's a little hard to explain, but I saw a lot of things, and-- The people who disappeared, they ended up outside. It was an accident, but they're close now, so I can reach them and bring them back in from where they are now. And, um...

I have to bring people in again, but this is the last time I'm gonna do it. Ruana can't make me do it anymore."

The residents who were thrown outside the Tower will, one by one, pass out. They will wake back up on the morning of April 1st in their beds in the Tower. This does not count as a death, and any items they found and took with them outside will still be with them. Any items they left in the Tower will be in their trunks. Any injuries sustained outside of the Tower will remain, and collar fluid status also remains the same.

Characters who spoke to Zo while he was unconscious receive an item from home and a "thank you" note. Characters who were sent outside receive an item from home and an "I'm sorry" note. Regains must be approved here.

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