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Endgame: Gathered on This Beach of the Tumid River

With the help of the residents, Aria and Zo make it up to the hidden floor, though Aria does not escape considerable injury. What she sustains is ultimately non-fatal, but it will take time to heal. In the second block of the Tower, retrieval units begin to swarm in high concentrations, making it dangerous to remain in the block for too long.

After Aria and Zo safely arrive at their destination, the Tower is, for the most part, eerily calm. The tense silence stretches on in this way until the morning of June first, but though the messages received in the mailboxes are ominous, they do not seem to herald any immediate disaster.

Like the calm before an approaching storm, the air grows heavy with the pressure of the countdown nearing zero...

The chase log will continue to receive NPC tags, but it will now be considered backlogged. Additionally, from now on, the game will not be operating in real-time. This means that one OOC day no longer equals one IC day; the plot will advance only once each part comes to a sufficient conclusion. Therefore, new event logs will note the IC dates on which they are taking place.
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Does this mean Zo is camped out on the hidden floor? If so, can the characters talk to him?
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If any character dies in the chase log, when/how/will they come back? Is there anything different about revival (if there is)?

Also, if Enoch asked the chipped units if chipping their collars would have any effect, what would the answer be?
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Enoch would then ask if there is any way to further strengthen them against tower control (since they will need all the independence they can get and very soon, most likely), and if the unit doesn't know, he'd go ask Aria and/or Zo.
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The chipped unit wouldn't know, but Zo would say that anyone with changed collar fluid is as much out of their control as anyone can be.
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Somewhat related to Nai's question up there, but if Aria (or Zo) is asked about their disappearance during May and what they were doing exactly while they were gone, what kind of response would they give?
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Concerning the note as far as time progression, does this mean the chase completed on May 25, or May 31/June 1?
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Could you clarify how dangerous/how quickly are we talking for the second block? Assume the retrievals are hostile or easily triggered?
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So the stairwell between a couple floors below & above 23 would be a complete no-go?
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If someone lingers too long on the second block, what will happen? Will the retrieval units try to kill the character or just capture them and take them back to Ruana?
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Does this mean that if they successfully get to the first block they will no longer be pursued?
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A question for Zo came up in the course of this thread. Would they have been able to ask him about this?