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The End

Once decisions have been made, Zo climbs up into the crown of the machine. It whirls about, and for an instant, the heart of it opens, where Ruana's mummified corpse sits where it always has been, hidden away. There's a feeling like being pulled--those who are going with friends will be pulled in the same direction, but those parting ways will see the others fade away around them. There's a feeling like floating and then like falling countless miles or maybe countless years-- And then things are okay. You're where you wanted to be. The last imprint of Animus is that of an empty world being torn asunder by a crying child, before that child is finally put to sleep. And now you can go on with your lives, or start new ones.

Maybe a day passes. Maybe a week. Maybe a month. It doesn't matter how long, what matters is that you are, if even for just an instant, alone. A door appears. You can open it, if you want. You can step through it, too--to a Tower that floats in a void. It's only five rooms high, but if you want, you can build it higher with the tools on the bottommost floor. You can make it into whatever you want. And you can go wherever you want.

There's a note on a table on the highest floor--a room filled with countless doors, surrounded by every gift Zo has ever been given, even the last.
If you can see this, I did it! I managed to save a little bit of the Tower. You can do what you want with it, and this floor lets you move between worlds! It takes a little getting used to, but you can even think doors into existence. It might take some work getting each door to go where you want, but you guys can do it!

Please be happy!


And if you want, you can go.

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What would his role in the plot have been if we didn't app in a bunch of nice guys?
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...oh wow. So basically by winning Dax over we jumped onto easy mode.


1: I noticed you said items will be kept below. That includes Zo's crystal and Eleven's hospital bracelet? Does this apply to the character in general, or just to the musebox?

2: I assume Eleven's voice-imprint died with Ruana?

3: Did you have a real name for Eleven anyway?

4: What is something we never discovered that you wanted us to see, if anything?
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Aww that would have been so fun to have them mull over! Where could characters have learned this, I'm curious now.
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In the unused areas of the Tower there were going to be some more tapes and stuff to find. I hadn't written them up, though.
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Aaaah our break-ins weren't effective enough! Oh well.