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Event: Is This Home?; Stage Two

A door has appeared in the Tower, on the cafeteria floor, next to the elevator shaft. On it, a note: "please rescue them". While logic would dictate this would open into the shaft itself, instead this note passes into the nightmare worlds many of the characters have found themselves trapped within. It's not as simple as just bringing them back through the door you came through, though--not only will you have to contend with whatever nightmares they've dreamed up for themselves, doors have appeared in their worlds as well, connecting them to other nightmare worlds. Characters may now travel between the worlds. It doesn't seem like, if you go through the door, you can get back to the Tower just yet, though...

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Does that mean that trapped characters won't be able to return until after they've been rescued?

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For characters with powers, do their powers work in other characters nightmare worlds?
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If Willow does a locator spell on someone who's gone, should it tell her that they're in another dimension, or in this one? Or should it not work at all?

I'M TOTALLY COOL WITH IT NOT WORKING, just wanted to check. XD Sorry she's such a hassle lmfao.
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It would fail while she was in the Tower. If she used it in the nightmare worlds it would tell her they're in different dimensions.
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Okay, good to know! |D I was running on the assumption that it would fail, but nice to have confirmation. Thank you!
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Will characters be able to go from one nightmare world to another? For Example: Erik hops from Charles's to Mollys.
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