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Event: Fun and Games; Part Two - The Midnight Game

Characters who were signed up for this event will meet at the elevator at 11:30, where they will be placed into groups and given instructions on playing the Midnight Game. In odd, empty versions of the Tower, they must continue moving at all times. If they do not, the Midnight Man will certainly find them. The Midnight Man may find them at other times, however. If their candle goes out, they may try to relight it with one of five matches. If they cannot do this in ten seconds, they are to surround themselves with a circle of salt. If the salt circle is broken or they move from this spot, they will be caught by the Midnight Man and subjected to realistic hallucinations of their greatest fears until the game ends at 3:33AM.

The Midnight Man may intrude upon any thread that takes place in the game post; if he does all characters in the thread must ward off the Midnight Man. The Midnight Man is completely invisible and cannot be perceived with magical or psychic powers, but does drop the temperature to a greater degree the closer he is to you.

If all characters in a group fail, they will have one important memory of the player's choice removed for one week and their teddy bear will disappear. If one of the characters chooses not to show up for the game, they will lose an important memory, their teddy bear will vanish, and they will begin to exhibit symptoms of the plague, although it will not be contagious and it will not progress far enough to kill them.
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Um...I signed up but was not given a group?

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Does the Midnight Man catch you if your candle is still lit?

Also, even if he is behind you, can he cause the candle to go OUT? Can he only catch the character if your candle is out? Or can it be lit and if they don't keep moving, he will catch them?

If it is lit and they're moving, are they invulnerable to him?