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Event: All in Good Fun

It seems like someone in charge of the Tower enjoys pranks! There are a few pranks scattered throughout the Tower. Of course, because this place doesn't know how to play fair, the pranks range from completely harmless to deadly.

► All the liquid in the tower has turned multicolored. It will stain your mouth/clothes/anything it's spilled on the same color. The aquarium is like a liquid rainbow all on its own.

► Prize Pods are absolutely everywhere, but they only dump colored water on you when broken open.

► Some of the food has glass shards in it.

► Some of the beds are now attached to the ceiling! Hopefully you don't roll around too much in your sleep.

► Sometimes the staircase will fall out from underneath you, leading to your own rather unhappy fall.

► Some of the showers have monsters in them; you won't know until you look inside, at which point they will attack.

► The monster on floor twenty-four might appear on any of the floors except for the cafeteria and the dormitory levels.

► Floors three and nineteen (the library levels) are upside down.

► Any sound or video on the network ends up warped such as that it sounds/looks like whoever has submitted the post is being horribly tortured.

► Every once in a while when you step out into the infirmary a bunch of syringes will be shot at you, all filled with various drugs.

These pranks will disappear by April 2nd. Have fun until then!