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Event: Infighting; End of Week Three & Week Four

Week three ends quite unusually--Jason, bleeding and covered in stitches, returns and alters those in his pod, making them into one creature connected by countless semitransparent tendrils. At the end of week gathering on Sunday evening, Ruana announces the game has had to come to a quick conclusion. The results are as follows:

Endurance II: won by Riki
Point Totals: Dax: 5, Riki: 6, Jason: DISQ.
Game Winner: Riki

Riki, therefore, will be in control of the Tower for the month of July. Ruana declares no elimination vote this week--instead she will take control of all three pods and maintain the competition for one final week. She has redesigned all three pods, and has not announced any challenges, although she assures everyone they will be competing.

Living Conditions
Dax's Pod: Dax's pod is perfectly white--so white, in fact, it lacks seams and it is therefore impsosible to tell where the floor separates from the walls and where the walls separate from the ceiling. It's incredibly disorienting, especially if you're not looking at anyone else to provide any sense of perspective. Characters will not need to eat--they will simply suddenly feel fed and watered as if they had eaten.

Riki's Pod: Characters in this pod find themselves in a doll house, complete with plastic food in the refrigerator, no running water, and cheap plastic furniture and accessories. None of the rooms seem to connect properly, however--walking downstairs may take you to the attic, and stepping out of the kitchen may cause you to end up in the second floor master bedroom. They never go the same place twice, and it makes it very easy to lose companions in between rooms. Characters will not need to eat--they will simply suddenly feel fed and watered as if they had eaten.

Jason's Pod: Characters in this pod will find themselves in, apparently, a proper hospital. They will be placed, for the moment, in one large isolation chamber with glass all around to see, although there are hospital beds with thick straps all around them, currently empty. There is an operating table within view of the isolation chamber and all the beds. Characters will not need to eat--they will simply suddenly feel fed and watered as if they had eaten.

The threads for week four of this event will take place here.

Meanwhile, at the Tower...
The power turns back on properly on Monday morning. Retrieval units flood the Tower; any attempt at resistance or rebellion will be met with an unusually violent response. Characters will now return from the dead as normal, their health completely reset. The Tower begins to clean itself, and oatmeal and water can now be found semi-regularly in the cafeteria, although this cannot be counted on 100%.

The network turns on Monday afternoon, but it is read-only.

The hellhounds vanish from the dormitory levels by Monday evening.

On Saturday morning all characters are called to the infirmary for an emergency collar checkup. Characters will find their powers have returned to normal following this checkup.
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[personal profile] mamadonna 2012-06-26 04:48 am (UTC)(link)
This is actually relevant to a thread I'm in, so since oatmeal is available now, what was the state of it before?

[personal profile] moontothetide 2012-06-26 05:48 am (UTC)(link)
Is this the Saturday before or after the Monday where the power comes back on?
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[personal profile] wrigurun 2012-06-27 11:11 pm (UTC)(link)
Are there windows in the doll house at Riki's pod?

Are they just like, stickers of a cartoonish garden or something?