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Event: Breach

A massive, mutated whale apparently capable of flight is ramming the barrier that protects the Tower. It will continue this behavior for a half hour before the barrier shatters entirely.

The whale collides gracelessly with the top levels of the Tower--the dormitory levels are all but entirely ruined, half crushed and half torn off, although some small pockets remain. The whale shifts abruptly downward until it tears a hole in the center of the Tower, as if attempting to swim down the center of it. It pierces a few of the upper levels of the Tower this way.

Then it explodes, and the monsters pour out.

Whaleflesh and thick blood slicks the remaining upper levels of the staircase. Monsters, familiar but larger, more dangerous, twisting and warping impossibly, begin swarming throughout the Tower. They attack everything in their way and attempt to rip up property as well.

The admins cannot be contacted; it seems like the breech has damaged the communications in the Tower.

Please watch the top of this post for updates on specific monster behavior, changes to the Tower, and any admin involvement. Anything that has been left in the trunks is currently inaccessible, crushed, or lost.
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A more serious question - what happens if someone dies during the attack? Will they come back tomorrow?
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Are any of the monsters insectoid in nature?
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Would Wriggle be able to control them like regular insects or are they another species that just look like bugs?
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Is this before or after powers get nullified?

Sorry for all the questions!
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When you said superhuman powers are "nearly" nullified after 1:40... that means characters still have a bit of energy left, right? Would Jeanne at least be able to keep her armor and sword materialized, since it's very basic stuff?
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Gotcha! Thanks.
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question - when the time comes, how do we rp scenarios? Do we NPC the monsters ourselves, or what? This is my first event so I'm a bit confused...
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Will things lost in the trunks eventually be recoverable?
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Any ideas to how that might be managed/decided on?
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Okay then!

Would either of my magical girls still be able to transform/project any energy, albeit extremely weakly?

Edit - Wait, just caught the similar question above. Nevermind!
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How much would Izanami have to concentrate to hold her human form--especially to keep it from looking rotted at all since this is her true form?
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Okay, thanks!

One other question! Would she be able to still create very small things for a short amount of time? I'm planning on her watching bitties, so, in this case, to aid in storytelling.
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Powers being nerfed: What does this do to Enoch's Rapid-Fire Recovery chance, since it's both supernatural and willpower-based? (and I assume just keeping his armor and weapon beam up fall within the 10% that's still there)

Deaths: If the dorm levels are inaccessible, where do killed characters wake up? Or will the two- or three-day delay be enough to return the dorms?
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I probably know the answer but just wanted to make sure.

Would Cross's magical nerfing ability also be nullified because of the super human abilities being nulled?
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Question about the powers being nearly nullified part... Exactly how much is left? >_>

man we need some weapons just lying around
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Can we have multiple characters in the same group fight thread?
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Would the space whale creatures react negatively to Solas going full horrorterror on them?

eta: This would of course happen at 3:45 AM, during the unstable power bit.
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Here's an important question.

If we had an Aquaman, could we have been saved?
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Quick question, but does Geass work on these monsters?
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If they haven't had access to their Has the fatigue effect been reassigned to the cafeteria/infirmary or is everyone as good as sleep-deprived no matter how much sleep they get?