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Event: Breach; Aftermath

The remaining monsters in the Tower have been eliminated. A few minutes afterward, the following announcement can be heard throughout the Tower, in a chirpy but emotionless computer voice:

Please wait for Tower reconstruction. Please wait...

Everyone in the Tower will experience a lapse of a half an hour's time, waking up at 2PM. They will find the Tower has been--sort of restored.

Character trunks are still missing from the dormitory levels, although the dormitory levels have been restored. Everything from floor five to floor thirty-eight is in ruins. The farmland has been completely destroyed, the instruments in the music room are in pieces, and the workshop is unusable. The following announcement sounds:

We will work to restore the remaining destruction. In the meantime, please enjoy the refreshments in the cafeteria.

There is a small feast in the cafeteria, containing a great deal of food from every one of the characters' worlds. Hopefully that will be a small consolation, at least.
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Can "food from a character's world" include things like setting quirks? What I'm thinking of is, the food in Meridian never tasted right because Sola was in charge and she didn't understand taste, can some of this normal, but mismatched-flavor food be part of the feast?
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Technically that would be from Sola's world so I would thing it counts?
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haha, aww, something about that feast is super kawaii
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This entire post is kawaii

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The meadow was destroyed wasn't it? Aw, that saddens me but at least the feast will be splendid.