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Event: Breach; End

Early on the morning of September 2nd the following announcement broadcasts throughout the Tower:

Repairs complete. Please wait.

Everyone blacks out for one hour. They will wake up in their rooms and find their trunks, if they were missing, have returned--but some of their items may be missing. All floors of the Tower have been repaired: in fact, some have been added:


Floor Forty-Three: This floor appears to be a jail. There are many cells that can be opened and closed at the press of a button on the outside--when closed a force field closes over the opening. Anyone inside a cell will find their powers entirely disabled until they exit it, and the cells can only be opened from the outside. Attempting to pierce the force field or the walls is impossible. At least the monsters can't get into a locked cell either.

Floor Forty-Two: This floor is made up of interlocking iron bars. Walking across it requires a very good sense of balance, and woe to any who are chased by a monster into this floor, because falling through will disable your powers and drop you into a pit of spikes. The iron bars tend to move and shift on their own at times; be careful.

Floor Forty-One: This floor is pitch black. There aren't any monsters, but the walls and floor and ceiling appear to be... Squirming. Bring a light in and you'll see the entire room is made up of countless insects. Don't stand still or you'll be engulfed and suffocate in the mass of them--or fall through into a void where your powers will be disabled and you will fall to your death.


Floor Forty: This room is a storage room, dark with too many corners and not enough lighting to kill all the shadows. Unfortunately there's nothing actually stored in it, unless you count the countless large shelves and boxes. Everything is balanced and piled precariously at the moment, so don't get yourself crushed by anything.

You can store whatever you want in here, but you might not always find it in the same place. The boxes seem to rearrange themselves whenever you're not looking.

Floor Thirty-Nine: This floor is a large gymnasium. There's plenty of room to run around, a full mile-length track around the edge, and even weights and workout machines. Of course, the machines don't look particularly safe, and the weights don't actually have any labels--you'll have to try to pick them up to figure out how heavy they are. Don't hurt anything, some of those are heavier than seems even remotely possible for a little weight.