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Event: Body Swap; End

By the morning of the twenty-second, every character who has not swapped back will die--they will begin vomiting up copious amounts of blood, their vision will completely black out, and they will feel as if they're being painfully ripped out of the body they're in before collapsing and dying.

Of course, the solution was found in time, and death is not inevitable. Anyone who switches back in time doesn't have to die. They will find the previous symptoms they had in the foreign body vanish instantly upon being returned to their own body. While they may still remember the memories they experienced, it's simple to differentiate them from their own true ones.

Things seem to be ending relatively anticlimactically until the morning of the twenty-third--Sunday, when no food appears in the cafeteria. It appears someone is not pleased you ruined his experiments, and there will be no food in the cafeteria for the rest of the month. Water will still be provided, and characters can still scavenge or grow their own food.
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If a character does die, how long would it take them to revive?

eta: and will there be any lingering effects?
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They would awaken the next day (so on the twenty-third). There would be no side effects outside of the standard death side effects.
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is the oatmeal gone too