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Event: Trick or Treat; Part Four

As the new week dawns, anyone still alive in the Trick or Treat event will find their pumpkins entirely empty of candy. There is, however, a note:

Just a little more candy collecting! You can do it!
28th - 95, 29th - 100, 30th - 105, 31st - 113

There is, for the remainder of October, an unlimited amount of candy in the Tower. The catch? This unlimited amount is in the hands (or other appendages) of those who died and became their costume. While they can be convinced to hand over some candy, they can't give away more than five pieces of candy a day willingly--the rest needs to be stolen or fought for.

If your character dies of being crushed by their costume, post here.
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[personal profile] warriorscribe 2012-10-29 10:59 pm (UTC)(link)
Can one transformed person fight other transformed people for their candy, or does it have to be someone still in the game?

Also, where and how often does this candy spawn for the transformed?
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Couple more (very stupid) questions about the candy...

Does giving away candy for victory in an orchestrated fight count as giving it away willingly since they agreed to fight in the first place?

If a character flees from a fight, would dropping the candy then in surrender count as giving it away willingly, or as the costumed character having won it?
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1. Yes, that would count as willing.

2. It would count as giving it away willingly if the character dropping the candy was intentionally doing it to give candy to that person or if it had been set up ahead of time. If they were just using it to get away from the fight then they could use that as a distraction method and it would be okay.
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How are they holding the candy? It says it can be stolen or fought for, but does that mean the candy is inside them or are they just carrying the candy around?