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Event: From Worlds Beyond

As of Zo's network post, all electrical components of the tower are inactive. There are dim emergency lights in the bedrooms themselves, but aside from that the Tower is dark. Furthermore, there is a vicious thunderstorm outside the tower, making daylight hours nearly as dark as nighttime. There are no NPC workers active in the Tower: they all lay where they fell as if dead, and although they have no vital signs, they will not decompose. The freezer will remain frozen, but food in the refrigerators, if left unattended to, will begin to rot, and the oven is not working. Flashlight can be found in the infirmary.

More importantly, perhaps, things begin filtering into the Tower.

They may at first appear similar to someone you are hoping to find. Maybe you'll hear their voice, calling to you. But as you get closer, it is revealed they do not have bodies at all, and are more ever-shifting phantom-like shades.

Being near to them drains you of energy the longer you are in contact with them. Furthermore, they will attack, engulfing and attempting to suffocate their prey. When within range of these creatures, all powers fail. They cannot be harmed, only escaped from.

Anyone killed by these phantoms will be easy to spot, as their collars will have drained of their color and become clear. The bodies will remain until the event is over, dead but not decomposing. No one will revive until the end of the event.

Phantoms will not enter the dormitory rooms. They may, however, enter the hallways and bathrooms.

Good luck.
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Do all tags going on before the event stop, or can we continue them if its understood they're in the past?
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Do we NPC our own ghost encounters, or are they mod-ran? =0

So exciteeeeeee
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[personal profile] vytis 2011-08-07 10:44 am (UTC)(link)
You can NPC the encounters.

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Do the apparitions have to be of human beings? /shot

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+1 to this question.

I would like to know if Arthur the cat could be wandering around, intent on murder.
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They do not have to be human.

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More questions! If a character is killed by something other than a phantom, do they die and revive as normal, or does the collar-draining thingy go on?

relevant icon is relevant
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They don't return, but their collar will not be drained.