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Mod Announcement: Character Slots

We have had a discussion and decided to open up the option to have two additional character slots provided the following conditions are met:

1. The person applying for an additional slot must have had the same five characters for at least three months.

2. The person applying for an additional slot must have made double activity with all of their characters for three consecutive months. These months have to be directly previous to when you are applying for a new character slot. Additionally, this activity must have taken place in at least two separate posts with at least two separate characters.

3. If you wish to apply for a seventh character, all of the above must be true for all six of your characters.

4. If at any time you drop a character, you must reapply for your sixth/seventh slot anew (therefore you would not be able to app a new sixth/seventh character for three months).

If you would like to request an additional character slot, please go here!