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Event: Epidemic; Sign Ups

Colds aren't uncommon, especially not in this kind of weather! It might not be surprising, then, when starting on December 9, a few residents of the Tower develop a bit of a cold. And the Tower is a pretty closed-off place, so it's probably not surprising that the cold will spread fairly rapidly. Unfortunately, this isn't an ordinary cold...

For two weeks a disease will spread among the residents of the Tower. This isn't a standard disease, though; getting a cold is the only physical evidence you're even sick. Most of the symptoms are mental--warping what you see, what you hear, changing how you perceive the world, maybe even what you think of it. Maybe you'll get the exact same symptoms as the person who passed it on to you, or maybe you'll get completely unique ones. Of course, it's nearly impossible to tell who gave it to you--while the cold will soon fade, the disease remains active and contagious for the full two weeks.

In fact, you as a player might not even know who gave it to your character. Sign ups will run until 12:01AM EST December 9, and all sign ups will be screened. This means only the moderators will know who's signed up. You may only sign up one of your characters. Of course, there's nothing stopping you from telling others who you signed up, but it might be more fun to leave people guessing.

On the 9th, a few characters will be selected at random to have the disease from the beginning. We will reply to their sign up with their initial symptom--the cold mentioned. Then, as they interact with others, they will pass the disease along until it's spread throughout the Tower. Please make sure you will be able to be active if you want to have a chance to be one of the initial victims; we do want the disease to spread, after all! Characters who are inorganic or otherwise do not catch diseases will still be able to catch this one. They will also still exhibit the head cold symptoms that marks initial infection.

After initial infection, of course, more symptoms will reveal themselves: moderators will reply to your screened sign up whenever your character's symptoms change. These symptoms will be psychological in nature, rather than physical: they may hallucinate, hear things, become more paranoid, etc.

If you wish to sign up, please respond to this thread. If you have questions you can reply to this thread, and we will try to unscreen and answer your questions as quickly as possible.

ETA: To clarify, anyone who wants to catch the disease should sign up, no matter if they want to be an initial carrier or not.
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So, if this spreads through out the Tower and everyone has the potential of catching it, we still can only sign up one character to be sick? Or only one character to be an initial carrier?
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I just wanted to triple-clarify: no matter how many of our characters are exposed, only one of them will get sick, and as such, we should only sign up one, correct?