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Event: Epidemic

Beginning today, it seems like the flu is spreading around the Tower! Well, some sort of disease was bound to get passed around sooner or later, right? Being without heat probably isn't helping a lot of people, either. Better rest up!

Of course, it's not really a flu--soon, the carriers will start exhibiting worse, mostly psychological symptoms. Paranoia, hallucinations, all sorts of strange afflictions; it's obvious this isn't a normal disease. Compounding the issue is that a real flu is also circulating in the Tower. While it seems you can only get either a regular flu or this manufactured version of it, it makes it very difficult to tell who's got something fairly normal and who has something you definitely don't want to get.

If you have signed up for this event, here are how things are going to go down for you:
1. Seed characters have been selected and will begin exhibiting flu symptoms. Moderators will be watching threads and keeping track of these characters' regular CR and will reply to your sign up post to inform you when your character has been infected.
2. Moderators will reply to your sign up posts with symptoms; these symptoms tend to start out mild but will grow worse as time passes, with moderators giving out more and more symptoms.
3. Moderators will watch everyone who has been infected and use these threads to infect more people! The more threading happens, the faster the virus spreads.
5. Everyone will eventually be infected; if you haven't gotten infected yet, don't worry! Anyone who signed up cannot catch the regular flu.

If you have not signed up for the event, you may have your characters contract a regular flu! The severity of this flu is up to you, although it won't kill any characters unless they're immunocompromised in some other way. Anyone who has not signed up cannot catch the altered flu.

All sign ups, infections, and symptoms will remain screened--it's more fun to keep everyone guessing as to who's infected and what they've got!
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[personal profile] thelordsage 2012-12-09 07:23 am (UTC)(link)
Can unsigned-up characters catch the normal flu at any time, or do they need to be in contact with someone else/have some other trigger?