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Event: Tower of Fatorum; Intermission - Silly Love Songs

Strange, heart-shaped tape players have begun appearing around the Tower--they have a play, stop, and rewind button, but no record or eject buttons, nor is there any way to break them open. When played, the sound they make doesn't sound like any song, but anyone who hears it clearly will fall under various effects based on which tape recorder they heard. These will last until the 11:59PM EST on February 16, when all the tape recorders vanish, or until the song is rewound in the presence of anyone affected by the tape recorder in question.

These tape recorders are scattered all over the place, may be delivered in the mail, may be carried around, and may turn themselves on.

The Tape Recorders
#1 Crush
I will burn for you/feel pain for you/I will twist the knife and bleed my aching heart/and tear it apart
Obsessive, dangerous love. Couples obsessed with each other to the point of unhealthiness. No one but them matters. A tendency to get into very dangerous situations for or with the other just so neither of you ever has to be apart. It's better to die together than to be separated.

be careful of the curse that falls on young lovers/it starts so soft and sweet and turns them to hunters
A sweet love to begin with. One growing too obsessed with the other. A desire to control their lover. A desire to hoard their lover's possessions. A desire to tear their lover apart and keep all of the individual pieces forever.

Lovely Ladies
long time, short time/any time, my dear/costs a little extra if you want to take all year!
Flirty love. Compulsion to go about flirting and romancing anyone who's interested--even though they don't want to. Inability to stop themselves. Goes no further than childish games for anyone who's a child.

Rolling in the Deep
think of me in the depths of your despair/making a home down there as mine sure won't be shared
Scorned love. One convinced another has betrayed them. The desire to destroy them, either physically or psychologically. The inability to rest until that person is miserable.

Mr. Brightside
jealousy, turning saints into the sea/swimming through sick lullabies/choking on your alibis
Jealous love. Being convinced that they're having an affair with someone else--even if they weren't aware they were even seeing you. The inability to be convinced otherwise. A jealous rage.

just stay with me/safe and ignorant go back to sleep/go back to sleep
Smothering love. Love like that of a child or of a pet. Desire to control. Desire to keep safe, even if that means they're not happy. Desire to lock them away.
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/raises hand

If, say Allelujah is affected would it affect Hallelujah as well by default or would it be possible for one of them to be unaffected, or differing effects to happen?
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Would it affect an emotionless android? Like give him the concerned "emotion" the time of the event, work differently or not work at all?
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Presumably, this applies to both Destiny Strings and Animus characters?
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Thanks, was just doublechecking. ( '_')b
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hey bill hey

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How would you like to get hit on by an ~alien~, Garviel?

*waggles eyebrows and forked tongue flirtily*
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Re: hey bill hey

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Death :3 Only death.
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so much heresy.
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If a character is already under the effect of one recorder and then happens to hear another, what happens? Do they stay under the effect of the old, switch to the new, or some kind of bizarre mixture?

Also if an affected character dies and respawns before the end of the event, are they still under the effect of the tape when they come back?
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oops i lied i had more than two questions

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Do the recordings only have an effect characters or could pets/pokemon also be affected? Like if John had his Litwick out while listening a flirty love tape, would the Litwick also start (ineffectively) hitting on people?

And then this one is probably stupidly obvious and I'm just unsure because durr. Are they more or less brainwashed or are they aware of what they're doing but unable to stop themselves? Basically, are they going to be (potentially) horrified by their actions as they're doing them or after the effects wear off? It kind of reads like all of them but the flirting are the former but I just want to be sure.

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DUMB QUESTION AHOY but can these tape recorders cause these affects towards total strangers? Ex. feeling obsessive compulsions towards some dude or chick they've never met but are now suddenly in love with
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Okay that is what I thought! Thank you, mods~
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[personal profile] grimgrimoire 2013-02-16 02:22 am (UTC)(link)
Can characters carry around a tape recorder? My plan was to have Ienzo be affected by both Howl and Lovely Ladies, and bring a Howl recorder to various places in the Tower to grab test subjects.
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In the case of Howl, what sort of time-frame would it progress through the various stages?

Also this love-striking will be the first person they see after hearing the tape?
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Thanks so much xD
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Is the Pet effect meant to be solely single-target as with the more 'romantic' options, or could it result in an affected character becoming obsessively protective of several people?