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Event: Tower of Fatorum; End

With this post (WARNING FOR EXTREME GORE/DISTURBING CONTENT), the event comes to an end. At the stroke of midnight all Destiny Strings characters are returned to Hinoto-Ri by Ruana without warning. NPC work will continue as necessary.
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Who's gonna slap the Slap-Chop...
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+ infinity

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not actually in this game but i still wanna know

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Will Dax's grave be appearing in the graveyard?
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I have so many relevant questions

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it should really be her mascot with that description just saying

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Pictured: The poor suckers who were on hiatus for this...

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Pssh, I just joined last app cycle and I feel like that accurately describes me right now. ahahah
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I've been here since November and it's still accurate.
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I joined last March... still accurate for me, and I was the mun of one of those who went into Ruana's room.
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Last March? Eeek! Well, I guess that's a good indicator of how my time here is going to go, hahah.