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Event: From Worlds Beyond; END

As of Dax's network post, the tower has reactivated. All electronics are functioning normally, any rotted food has been replaced, and things are more or less back to normal, or as normal as tower life gets.

However, there has been a permanent change to the Tower. The phantasms remain, although they only lurk in the halls at night, and only on the levels of the tower below the dormitories. They will still call out to characters in the voices of those not in the tower, and will still be exhausting to linger neat, but they will no longer be able to kill anyone.

The tower has also expanded, and the following levels have been added to the Tower:

Floor Thirteen: Stepping down into this floor places you in an immense Gothic cathedral. There are large, ornate stained glass windows, countless pews, and while the religion contained within this tower seems indistinct, on many days mumbling can be heard from the head of the church, as if someone is holding some sort of mass there. If one were to walk to the front, the sound will abruptly stop, as if you were interrupting. Aside from this, this floor is very quiet. Sound does not carry well here, and you would have to shout quite loudly to make yourself heard even across the aisle.

Floor Twelve: This floor appears to have you walking into outer space, but really the floor, wall, and ceiling is simply covered with a very convincing projection. It is never any universe the characters will recognize, but it does appear to always focus on one world or another being destroyed. A bright point of light will emanate from a planet, space ship, space station--somewhere inhabited. And then everything will seem to drain from the universe; stars swallow themselves up in an instant, lush planets abruptly go grey, atmosphere burns off, until nothing is left in the universe but dark, dead rocks. Then the projection switches to a new universe and the process repeats.

Floor Eleven: This room has no walls, opening out into the air around the Tower for the first time. No flying powers work in this room, and no character may teleport outside the limits of the Tower. You are free to plummet to your death if you so choose, however. Aside from this, flowers grow all along the ceiling, and waterfalls springing from somewhere in the same region fill the floor with a lake that spills off the sides of the tower. Somehow, the view on the levels below is not obstructed at all, as if the water weren't flowing above. There are often rainbows here--at night, the rainbows flip, turning themselves upside down, and the strange phantoms often spawn and linger in this room. This room also appears to have no supports holding it up, except for the very thin spiral staircase. Surely the staircase can't hold up the whole tower above this floor?

Floor Ten: An aquarium fills this room, with thousands of exotic fish of all shapes and sizes, from nearly microscopic to larger than any blue whale. The unique thing, however, is the complete lack of any glass, or anything keeping the water in place at all. The water stands up just fine, however, simply suspending itself all on its own. Characters may enter the water if they wish, and fish may jump between enclosed bits of water. Be careful you don't become fish food.

Floor Nine: This floor is very dark. There are lights around the staircase, but if you step off into this room, you will find you must crouch. Walking toward the walls forces you to bend over more and more, until you are crawling on hands and knees and then slinking across the floor on your belly, until it comes to a pointed edge some one hundred yards from the staircase.

As you crawl in this room, however, you will at first spot shapes and flashes of movement out of the corners of your eyes, and hear giggling. Press on further and the movement grows closer, the sounds louder. Reach the wall, and something might grab you and drag you all the way back to the staircase.

But you'll never see what it was.

There is one more change to the tower: in the cafeteria a suggestion box has appeared. Beside it are job application forms: if your character wishes to apply for a specific job, they may now do so (you can reply to the sign up in the same manner, just note that your character is signing up on their own). Characters may use the suggestion box to ICly make suggestions for the tower, or it may be used OOCly.

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If there's any repercussions from the tower-keepers, Eiji kind of wrecked a fair bit of stuff in the library while the power was out. =0
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And a fair amount of people.

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Lucky for you, he is spared from punishment, as those in charge were too busy to be monitoring the tower.

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Oooooooo, curious. :0