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Mod Announcement: Brainwashing

A new section has been added to the game information. Characters can now be chosen to be brainwashed and act as spies for the administration at any time, provided you sign up OOCly on the page. All information necessary should be given in the link; if you have any questions, go ahead and ask in the question section that will be in this post!

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This isn't a question so much as a thought, but might it not be a good idea to screen the sign up comments so that people can't just go to the list and say "Oh hey, this person is signed up for a chance to have their character brainwashed. Better not say anything important around them."

Obviously, people are probably going to tell their friends they signed up, but it would help keep things more secretive for those of us who don't know. As it is, people can just click on the link and go look who is there.

Of course, if you guys have a reason for not screening, feel free to just ignore this. :-)
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Infomodding worries aside (as I would hope its not really a problem, but it was something that crossed my mind), another reason I mentioned it is because I thought it might be fun to be surprised both OOC and IC-wise. There is just that little added thrill when something comes as a surprise to not only the character, but the player as well! But the final choice lies with you guys and what you think works the best. Thanks for considering the idea! :-)
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Random question is random: we don't have to sign up for this, right? And if we change our minds later and do want to sign up, is it possible it will only happen once, or will signing up mean it happens all the time, or is it selected at random, or what?

... I hope my phrasing made sense almsdlkmfg.

... Actually wow okay I phrased this shittily let me just rephrase

IF THEY ARE AFFECTED FOR A PERIOD, once that wears off, will they be unaffected again unless we want them to be? Or is that up to you guys rather than us?
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Not quite IG yet, so I'm flying anon. But:

Does anything happen if the memory cards mentioned in 'Tells' are removed from the scars of those brainwashed? It seems like removing them would do something beyond causing the memory cards to disintegrate.