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Event: Rumor Has It; End

On the morning of the 26th, all writing vanishes from the tower walls. The walls can no longer be carved into after this point. All rumors that had come true will become false again. Characters affected by the rumors will return to a normal state of mind, though all rumor-related injuries will remain on the character's body until their next death. The tower itself also reverts to its normal state; the effects of environmental rumors such as "The library's missing sections have been restored" and "There are poisonous plants in the cafeteria food" have vanished completely.

Any of the final rumors that had five believers can be assumed to have come true before the morning of the 26th.
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When you say 'next death', do you mean 'next non-rumor related death', since Feferi logged death #8 to Captain Cinnamon Claws and might possibly log #9 to Link in a thread that's ongoing?
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Due to not having Rin return right away, I was planning to have her revive at the final day of the event. Would she still be weak/close to death as a result of her rumor? Which would be super cool with me, but I need to know for plotting for the rest of this month ;D
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If the final rumours come true that means the "You will die if you read this message" One has come true, do characters just drop dead from it, or do freak accidents around the tower happen? And I'm assuming the five who read it in order for it to come true die too.
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I think it was touched on with one of the first event posts but just to clarify.

For characters with regenerative traits and also this might be relevant to those with/could get healed by others with magic - would the scarring from the words be able to be healed or regened away?