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Event: Idealism; Sign Ups

This week, a high-pitched whining noise can be heard by children and those sensitive to high-pitched sounds. It doesn't seem to cause any harm, but it is annoying. It seems the microchips placed about the Tower are doing something, and there is some sort of wireless signal in the Tower that wasn't there before, although it cannot be used for anything at the moment.

In June, the situation will become clear--and besides that, Ruana will want to play a game of monsters.

In this game, certain characters will be selected at random from those who sign up to become one of five monsters: the laughing monster, the crying monster, the screaming monster, the growling monster, and the apathetic monster. This will be based on the emotions your character displays most often. These monsters will attack the populace at night, and must be eliminated. The catch? They're only monsters at night, they have no idea they're a monster while they're normal, and there are special rules to killing them.

During the day, all monsters are their normal selves, completely unaware of what they transform into at night. During the night, they warp into frightening beasts with abilities related to but not always exactly the same as those they might have during the day, wanting nothing more than to kill as many people as possible. Anyone who is attacked can try to defend themselves, of course, but if someone signed up for the event kills a monster at night, the monster revives and they turn into a monster as well.

So they must, without fail, be killed as their normal selves during the day to put an end to the game. Even if they're your best friend. Even if they're your child. For monsters created by the first set, it's just that easy: identify them during the day and kill them. But for the first five monsters, there is an additional condition unique to each character that must be met.

If I was a monster so repulsive even I wanted to stop myself, I would need ... before I could stop.

Whatever it is, that requirement has to be met. Maybe they simply want someone, anyone, to stop them. Maybe they want a challenging fight. Maybe they want someone specific to save them. Meet that requirement during the day and you'll kill the monster properly. Don't meet it, and you become a monster yourself.

As for the monsters, don't worry--you may not remember your nightly adventures while they're happening, but once you've been killed or the game ends, all the memories will be returned to you.

Players may sign up one character for this game, and have until 11:59 PM June 1 to do so. We will select the initial monsters at random from those who wish to have a chance at becoming a starting monster. If you wish to have the option to be selected for this, fill out your character's special requirement; if you do not wish to be a starting monster, don't fill it out. If you wish to be a starter monster be sure you will be available in June. You must sign up here to participate even if you don't want to have your character be a starter monster.

All monster players are to keep their character's status as a monster secret as much as they can. While of course you can inform your CR that your character wouldn't be around for their normal early morning training or would be busy at night, please don't outright announce your character's status to anyone. All sign ups are screened.
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If I signed up Allelujah for this, could just one of them be affected and the other 'asleep' while the transformation happens?
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Just out of curiousity! What happens if a character who has no powers or abilities gets selected to be a monster? Would they get powers at random or is there a default palette of powers for each monster?
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If we're supposed to keep our monster status secret, how are we going to RP out the consequences of monster-ing? Or is it just to be kept secret till the event begins?
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Is it possible to see a character turn into a monster if you're around them at sundown (or see them turn back at sunrise)?

If an affected character is told that they're a monster by someone, will there be any specific event-related controls on them believing it (EG you never believe people who tell you about it)?
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ooh ooh another one

For the non-initial monsters, do they have to be killed specifically with the intent of "you're one of the monsters, you need to die" in order for the death to count to de-monster them? Or do accidental/unrelated deaths also count?

If intent is required, for a character who is aware that they are a monster, would suicide count as intent to kill the monster?
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[personal profile] oathshackledbird 2013-05-27 07:59 pm (UTC)(link)
Since starter monsters are facing the chance of a lot of deaths between failed kill attempts/revives and then an eventual final kill, are deaths for them going to be handled differently? Or will it just be one of those things that have to be taken into consideration when you sign up?
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For the starter monsters, to what degree are they aware of the condition to stop? Obviously not in the sense of playing it out, since they aren't aware that they're changing but more in the sense of how should we, as players, go about deciding that?

Is it supposed to be more of an unconscious desire of the character surfacing and filling in the blank? Or is it meant to be more of an active answer to "what would make me stop?" on their part? It's probably blatantly obvious and I'm just failing at reading comp or something.
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Are player-monsters restricted the same way the tower's monsters are or not? That is, can they get into a dorm room or bathroom, or travel on floors 44 and 96 while they're monsters?
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Thank you!